2019 News Stories

Anthony Siradakis
How one student's PhD expanded to an MBA

In my mind, the MBA coupled with the PhD is a bulletproof combination, as it allows for the deep exploration of some of the theoretical underpinnings of business topics, with the real-world applicability of an MBA; working with teams, networking, examining cases and exploring current business issues.

Emily Nuss
Siempre pa'lante - One MBA Student's Mantra

My newfound mantra ‘Siempre pa’lante’, followed me to William & Mary, as I dove into my MBA courses, balanced a 15-hour weekly volunteer commitment, searched for a summer internship, and networked amongst top business leaders.

Students at Banister in Miller Hall
Move over Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford

Mason Means Business. For the second year in a row, William & Mary’s undergraduate business program at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business has been recognized as one of the ten undergraduate business programs to watch in 2019.

Praveen Nigam
My MBA Journey and how it led to Sanofi Success

When I came to William & Mary, I prioritized what I expected to gain from my MBA, specifically having a holistic approach to develop my professional behavior and abilities.

Carlee Anderson
From VMI to an MBA

Values that I developed at VMI helped me make the decision to come to the Raymond A. Mason School of Business straight after I graduated as an undergraduate.

Lauren Fithian and classmates
People - the #1 value driver in my MBA endeavor

(Photo by: Shantanu Chandra) My experience at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business has taught me that the quantitative piece alone won’t be what sets your experience apart and it won’t be what sets you apart.

Hands holding breast cancer ribbon
Business School Partners with Breast Cancer Organization

In the business world, non-profit organizations often face the unique challenge of striving to make an impact with limited resources. Here for the Girls, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support to young women diagnosed with breast cancer, became interested in expanding their services due to the increased demand for their kind of support.

Carl Liu
One Student's Journey to William & Mary

It’s really a big move to go back to school after working for 7 years in the offshore oil & gas sector. The MBA application process is not only about submitting written materials online, but also a unique experience, especially for an international applicant just like me.

100 Years of Women Banners in Atrium
The Year of the Woman

In the Flex MBA Program, the number of women students has been increasing in recent semesters. But the majority-women entering classes in fall 2018 and spring 2019 represent the first time the 220-student program has seen the trend sustained for a full academic year.