All you need is a little Faith

In 2018, Faith Emah, two-time William & Mary alumna from Manassas, Virginia, graduated from the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Emah began her career at William & Mary as an undergraduate student. Graduating in 2017, she received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, with a concentration in Business Analytics, as well as a minor in Mathematics. Months later, Emah returned to William & Mary after being accepted into the year-long MSBA program.

Emah cited her passion for numbers, programming and critical thinking as her reasons for pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics. Additionally, she was impressed by the many career opportunities the business analytics field has to offer. Her decision to enroll in William & Mary’s MSBA program was an easy one as she enjoyed William & Mary’s campus and the Business School’s professors.

During her time in the one-year MSBA program, Emah took full advantage of the program’s offerings. In class, Emah was most intrigued by machine learning, as well as acquiring knowledge of various professional industries. Emah reflects how “Doing projects in real time with real data was one of my favorite parts of the program.” Outside of class, Emah partook in many professional development opportunities, including Tech Day and programs hosted by the Graduate Career Management Center.

Looking back on her MSBA experience, Emah describes it as “Tough but worth it.” She notes the coursework was very difficult at times, but “it was always worth it to figure out something—be it a code or whatever else we were doing.” When confronted with challenges, Emah highlights that the professors are always there to help. They proved an invaluable resource to her throughout the MSBA program.

Emah currently works as a Technical Business Analyst at CGI, focusing primarily on data modeling and migration. Additionally, she is building an app for her startup company, which aims to help professionals with automobile maintenance.