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The faculty of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business are committed to creating and sharing knowledge that advances the science and practice of effective and ethical management. Insights from their research inform fellow academics, improve industry practices, shape public policy, and fuel evidence-based decision making.

In addition to publishing in the top academic journals and other scholarly outlets, our faculty are active in professional organizations; have founded and run companies; consult for small and large organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors; and serve on boards and in public policy think-tanks.

Our faculty, known for their dedication to teaching, use their scholarship and expertise to mentor and nurture students at all levels - from undergraduates to executives - to develop leaders who impact society and lives in meaningful ways.

Mother feeding baby with a bottle

W&M supply chain expert analyzes factors affecting baby formula shortage

As many parents all of the U.S. look high and low for baby formula for their infants, the causes and possible solutions to the shortage are being dissected. Experts see it as connected to global supply chain issues that have manifested for years and been exacerbated by the pandemic, according to William & Mary Professor Ram Ganeshan.
Julie Agnew

The Center for Financial Planning Board Announces Dr. Julie Agnew as Recipient of the 2021 Best Paper Award for Research

Agnew and a team of Australian researchers competed against nearly 30 academic papers that were selected as finalists from a larger pool of submissions.
Trucks, containers, ship and airplane

Supply Chain & The Pandemic

William & Mary's Ram Ganeshan joins Leadership & Business podcast to discuss supply chains, their complexity, and why the shortages are happening.