Alumni Engagement

As business and life become exponentially more complex, ours is a community that uniquely exists for one purpose: to serve and advance one another.

Thus there is an implicit agreement, a contract, between us. A promise we have made to each other.

Here in Williamsburg, we promise to:

  • Continue delivering a nationally recognized, superior education
  • Strengthen and protect the Mason School of Business brand, so wherever you go, and whomever you meet, your degree will be a positive force in your life
  • Know what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and to what you aspire
  • Help you advance both personally and professionally by:
  • Providing social and professional access to a committed network of fellow alumni
  • Delivering life-long learning both on and off campus
  • Sharing faculty knowledge and research in ways that tangibly support your growth
  • Seek and welcome your advice, guidance, and expertise 
  • Welcome you home as often as possible

The promise we ask of you?

  • Support our students
  • Be available to your fellow alumni 
  • Share your expertise and knowledge with current students and with us
  • When you are hiring or have internship opportunities, think first of William & Mary
  • Partner with and continue to learn from your world-class faculty
  • Update and maintain your alumni record so we can better help you and so you can better help others
  • Live the brand
  • Come home, often

Together, we have the opportunity to build something uniquely strong and uniquely valuable – a partnership for life.