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Ready for an education as dynamic as the business world itself? Aspire to something higher at William & Mary's Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Our guiding principles are created to ensure that you receive the very best education in business and beyond. From a curriculum rich in innovative educational experiences to a renowned faculty devoted to nurturing creativity and mentoring ideas, our goal is to accelerate the ambitions of principled leadership.

From interdisciplinary coursework to hands-on, real-world experience, each day is an investment in your future success. Other business schools tell you what you have to do. We ask you to imagine what you can do.

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Our Commitment to your Growth and Success.

You're not one-dimensional, so why should your education be?

Combine academic interests with career goals though our highly personalized Individual Program of Study (IPS).

Your IPS gives you the freedom to design a program that fits who you are and prepares you to shape the world. You'll be enabled to explore a variety of different paths and integrate your interests, strengths and aspirations.

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Meet Our Students
 Anna Frare
Anna Frare
Anna Frare Headshot

Anna Frare

A Leap of Faith

I had always wanted to study abroad, both to experience a different culture and to get out of my hometown and learn something new. William & Mary landed on my radar very unexpectedly. 25 years ago, my mom spent a year of high school in Great Falls, Virginia, as a study abroad student. Both her host sisters went to W&M and she actually dropped one of them off for her freshman year in 1992. In the fall of my senior year of high school, I came to the US to visit some potential colleges. Anna Frare at WMAs I was writing my college essays at the very house my mom stayed at, they mentioned W&M and how much they loved their time here. I liked what I saw on the website and so a couple of days before the application was due, I applied. When I made my decision the following April, I didn't really know what I was doing - it was the only place I applied to that I had not visited! It was a shot in the dark but ended up being the best decision. I decided to apply to the Raymond A. Mason School of Business in my sophomore year. I had gotten more and more interested in the intersection between business and the public sector and I thought that a minor in the Business School would really helped me hone a different skillset.

Following the Perfect IPS Path

Because my major and my minor don't require a concentration, I opted to create my own. Since I was in high school, I had been gravitating around the idea of doing something related to sustainability and the environment. However, I struggled to find a way to make all my interests coexist and ultimately drive me to a specific job. It wasn't until recently that my doubts were resolved and that I decided to take several classes that would prepare me to work in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. This sector is a hybrid of both the public and private sector, hence why it is so appealing to me and relevant to my IPS. The flexibility of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor has allowed me to learn more about sustainability and business, and to complement the classes that I have been taking in the Economics and Government Departments. Looking back, this path makes a lot of sense for me and what I have done, but it wasn't an easy one. Ultimately, being introduced to the Business School helped me clarify and shape my ideas into an actual profession that I am excited about.Anna Frare in Portugal

Finding a Community Full of Support

My experience in the Business School has not been very long, but I remember I was one of those intimidated freshmen that thought students had to dress up every day. Now I know it is not quite the case, but my fascination with the business world at W&M is still strong. One of my most vivid memories from last semester is finishing my accounting final and then going upstairs to the Brinkley Commons, where I was treated to chocolate chip cookies and hot cider. The stress I had accumulated for that exam was soon forgotten and it's now one of my sweetest undergraduate memories!

Taking the Globe by Storm

In five years, I see myself working in the US or perhaps in a European city in the field of sustainability, which hopefully will have expanded and diversified even more by then. In ten years, I see myself having an advanced position at an important company. Though I love Italy, I don't plan on going back right after college. My experience abroad has taught me so much, but there is still a lot I want to learn. College has opened my eyes to a million new opportunities and connections, and I am eager to see where they take me.

 Clay Cade
Clay Cade
Clay Cade on Mountain

Clay Cade

A Perfect Fit

I decided to look into William & Mary because of its status as a competitive and historic public university. After learning about faculty research and realizing students’ enthusiasm for academia, I knew that this would be the best fit for me. I decided to apply to the Raymond A. Mason in order to complement my studies in Environmental Science and Policy because I knew that the skills I would acquire would allow me to engage in Environmental Policy in the channels that I was pursuing.

Changing Course

After cooking in the restaurant industry for over a decade, I developed relationships with many localClay Cade at Wedding entrepreneurs, farmers, butchers, brewers, and eclectics. I enjoyed my time in the industry, but began to see patterns in the shortcomings of the food supply chain locally, nationally, and globally. I wanted to be able to develop and contribute meaningful work into improving the ways in which we think about our consumption of natural resources, in addition to the impact of the ways in which we construct and navigate our economy in relation to the environment. Through my studies at the Mason School, I have since expanded the scope of my work beyond the food industry by engaging in managing the impact and sustainability of the manufacturing industry. I am working now towards building experience in data collection and analysis in other fields.

A Clear Choice

Clay Cade VolunteeringSustainability in the Chesapeake Bay, a course I took during my first semester, cemented my decision to study business. During this course, we heard guest lecturers with experience in more than a dozen different areas, such as legal policy, sustainable farming practices, biology, anthropology, marine sciences and economics. Another memorable course for me was the Legal Environment of Business with Professor William Stauffer, who is one of the most engaging lecturers I've studied with during my academic career. His professional insight and tireless efforts to propel students into their careers went well beyond any expectations I could have had for one of my professors.

Making a Lasting Impact

In the future, I see myself performing data analysis to support regional initiatives that navigate the area’s relationship with natural resources. In 5 years, I could certainly be still engaged with graduate studies, or perhaps just finishing out another degree. In 10 years, I hope to be managing larger organizations in advising both private and public policy on improving efficiency and transparency in their respective organizations with the hopes of improving sustainable management of natural resources and public access to natural places. I've gained access to a greater number of arenas in which I can study and engage my skill sets gained during my undergraduate career. However, as with most things, the more I've learned here, the more I've become excited at the prospects of what I don't know and can engage in next.

 Oliver Shen
Oliver Shen
Oliver Shen Headshot 200

Oliver Shen

A History with the Tribe

William & Mary has been present in my life since the very beginning. I first took at course at William & Mary, entitled “Incredible Edible Math,” more than a decade before I began my freshman year. Though I can’t quite say that I’ve ever had a class here that has matched its delicious legacy, I’m glad that those sweet memories inspired me to visit again in high school. On my tour, I was captivated by the college’s character, and immediately decided I could fit in with such a passionate, genuine, and curious community. Looking into academics, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by our small class sizes and involved professors. Combined with the college’s long history and legacy of excellence, these factors convinced me that I had found myself a home, and I never looked back. Once admitted, I found the Raymond A. Mason through the influence of many of my mentors. Though I was already leaning towards the idea of a major in business when I first arrived, seeing my accomplished upperclassmen Mason School friends, as well as the opportunities provided to them, made my decision to apply in freshman year a no brainer.

Preparing for a Career in Business and Beyond

Oliver Shen at Case CompetitionCombining both of my majors with William & Mary’s rich liberal arts curriculum has allowed me to study virtually everything I’ve wanted to during my college experience. I always knew that I wanted finance to be my primary major, but as I worked, interviewed, and networked, I came to realize that strategy and analytics might fit my interests a bit better than a more traditional finance role. This shift inspired me to pick up a concentration in business analytics, and I’ve loved it – by now I’ve taken as many courses in it as finance! Exposing myself to both of these fields has really helped me broaden my horizons, and by now it’s clear to me that, working in tandem, these two disciplines might have the greatest synergy of any two subjects I’ve studied. How I decided on my secondary major is a bit messier. I’ve always considered myself to be a jack of all trades, so the option to design my own data science major was such a natural choice, and was the perfect way to blend my career goals with a long on-and-off history of coding. With the perspective I’ve since gained from my last internship at Capital One, a notoriously data driven organization, I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. Having the skills and expertise to deal with big data analysis has proven absolutely invaluable, and I’m excited to dive even further into data science during my last semester. With graduation looming on the horizon, I’m glad I can say that my IPS has grown perfectly alongside both my skills and interests to become a sturdy toolkit for strategy and analytics tailored perfectly for my future.

Impactful Experiences

My favorite Mason School event is without a doubt our annual DoG to Wall Street conference. The finance industry can be incredibly intimidating, but DoG to Wall’s panels are such a fantastic way to introduce underclassmen to their options and help them find fantastic connections in passionate and involved alums. This event has been particularly special to me because I was fortunate enough to meet one of my most important mentors there. Never did I ever imagine I’d be able to connect with someone so crazily accomplished and talented, and watching them take the time to guide me through getting my sophomore internship was the first time I really witnessed the strength of the William & Mary alumni connection. Since that experience, one of my greatest passions has been professional development – I hope that I can help as many students as I can in a similar way moving forward! Another of my favorite parts of the business school are its many case competitions. As someone deeply passionate about solving tough problems and diving headfirst into new challenges, I live for midnight scrambles and last-minute deck revisions. If a new case competition is announced, you can always bet that I’ll be among the first to enter. Getting my first win at Grant Thornton’s case competition back in my sophomore year is still one of my proudest accomplishments, and I really can’t overstate how much they’ve helped develop my communication, analysis, and critical thinking skills. I’d recommend them with no hesitation to anyone looking to learn a lot in very little time.

A Promising Path Ahead

After graduation, I’m looking forward to packing my bags and moving to Washington DC, where I’ve accepted a full-time offer with Capital One as a business analyst. In five years, I hope that I’ll be somewhere in the process of obtaining an MBA and rounding out the skill set I’ve developed throughout my time here in Williamsburg. In ten years, I honestly have no idea where I’ll be, but I’m hopeful that I’ll have found a place where I’m still just as excited as I am now to wake up and walk out the door every morning.

 Ellen Longman
Ellen Longman
Ellen Longman Headshot

Ellen Longman

The Impact of Others

While I first heard of William & Mary because of its strong academic reputation, I ultimately chose to apply early decision due to the unique people that make this campus feel like home. The students I met here were not only driven, but also curious, kind, and authentic. Moreover, the professors were passionate about undergraduate teaching and mentorship. I found the Mason School because I had become interested in financial regulation after learning about related current events. The complexity of the financial markets, and the challenge of attempting to understand and model them, continue to fascinate me.

Finding her Perfect Path

Ellen Longman with classmatesMy IPS is designed to prepare me for graduate school in finance by supplementing my major with additional research experience, technical training, and teaching opportunities. Through the Boehly Center, I had the chance to work as a research assistant for both Professor Guthrie and Professor Skimmyhorn. I found that these roles let me approach finance with the perfect blend of concrete statistical analysis, deep and creative thinking, and persuasive communication. Despite these great experiences, I didn’t realize research was something I could turn into a career until I spent the summer on Wall Street. Once there, I learned the vast differences between industry and academic work. After conversations with my professors, I realized an academic career would be a great fit for me. Returning to campus, I amended my IPS by self-designing a second major in the mathematics department. It merges econometrics coursework, which provides a method of framing and answering questions, with mathematics coursework that has given me the tools for understanding economic reasoning in a rigorous way.

A Network of Mentors

My favorite thing about the Mason School is its sense of community. Ellen Longman with women in business groupEvery year at the Women's Leadership Summit, I meet alumni who have been away from Miller Hall for years, yet are still eager to help each other and mentor the next generation of business students. This culture has been most apparent through the Women in Business Club, which I led for two years. When I was interviewing on Wall Street, young WIB alumni made calls on my behalf, taught me how to use the subway, and even invited me to stay in their homes. Since then, doing the same thing for younger students has been incredibly rewarding.

Taking her Education Full-Circle

After graduation, I will be working for the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Division of Economic Research & Statistics, assisting an economist with his work on the microstructure of the treasury markets. In five years, I’ll hopefully be in a Ph.D. program in finance or economics. In ten years, my dream is to be a professor at a school like William & Mary.

 Chris Varvaro
Chris Varvaro
Varvaro Chris Headshot

Chris Varvaro

Finding the Perfect Rhythm

I decided to come to William & Mary because, out of all of the places that I visited, this campus felt the most like home. I visited many schools in the Northeast and nothing felt quite right. When I came down here for a tour and info session, I knew as soon as I started to walk around campus that this would be my new home. I decided to apply to the Business School because I wanted to continue to develop my music career in college and knew it could be augmented with entrepreneurial skills. I thought I would have an edge over most musicians by attending one of the finest business schools in the country, and I have already applied so much of what I have learned from my classes and mentors to my career thus far.

Turning a Passion into a Business

I wanted to find a way to fuse my passions for music and business but wasn’t sure which discipline I wanted to major in. Chris Varvaro as DJAfter settling on Music, I decided to minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship because I wanted to learn more about starting a business and how to set myself up for a long-term career. As an artist, you are the company and the music is your product. For example, just the nature of your social media presence is a key driver in what makes people want to explore your product. Studying I&E has opened my eyes up to more efficient business management techniques, product development ideas, and ultimately how to provide more value to my listeners. This minor has pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone and to approach my own entrepreneurial obstacles differently.

Success from Support

I really enjoyed taking intro to I&E with Graham Henshaw and Customer Insights with Michael Luchs. Both classes offered really interesting perspectives regarding what it takes to run a startup, how to ensure longevity, and how to design a product efficiently and effectively. These classes have given me crucial entrepreneurial building blocks, and now it is up to me to take the tools they have given me and implement them in the music industry appropriately. Moreover, I have built relationships with both of these professors and I am extremely thankful to have them involved with my career.

An Unstoppable Path

In five years I see myself either in Manhattan or LA pursuing my music career. Ideally, I will be in the studio with a diverse range of artists and also be touring somewhat regularly. Ten years down the road, I envision doing music full time, touring regularly, producing every day, and making a massive international impact with my projects. I will not stop until I am living my dream to the fullest extent.

 Jill Reinhardt
Jill Reinhardt
Jill Reinhardt Headshot

Jill Reinhardt

A Dream Turned Reality

I remember first stepping onto William & Mary’s campus on a 5th-grade field trip and immediately feeling at home. I fell in love with William & Mary and all of its history and so, when I started to look at colleges, I recalled my earlier visit and decided to look into William & Mary. I saw everything William & Mary had to offer and knew I wanted to attend due to its academic rigor alone. At first, I wasn't sure what I wanted to study, so I took many different classes, ranging from kinesiology and philosophy to business and economics. I found I most enjoyed studying the prerequisites for business, which led to my decision to apply to the Business School.

Finding Direction

I knew I wanted to be a marketing major when I took Professor Szykman’s class, Principles of Marketing.Jill Reinhardt Campbells I loved pitching a marketing plan based on a real company, and it was so valuable to have Executive Partners critiquing our ideas. I also enjoyed the course's in-class discussions because I found myself really engaging with the material. My IPS evolved to an international level when I studied abroad in Cadiz, Spain. It was in Spain where I researched the Mediterranean diet, fast food chains, and the role of marketing in each of them. I also had the opportunity this past summer to intern at Campbell Soup Company in Camden, NJ.

Classes that Excite

Two classes that have stood out to me at William & Mary are Professor Dawn Edmniston’s “Advertising and Digital Marketing” and Professor David Long’s “Management Consulting.” I really enjoyed these courses because the professors brought a lot of energy to each class and the group work involved projects aimed at finding solutions for real clients, which made the class concepts feel so applicable to the real world.

Finding a Voice at W&M

Jill Reinhardt with friends on waterIn five years, I have no idea where I will be, but I hope that I will be making a difference in the marketing or consulting world. The biggest takeaway I have from my undergraduate experience is that I have to be my own advocate. Whether this is in networking, problem-solving, or group work, I am the one in control of bettering myself. I know I can do this by having mentors, but I must seek out the help. I also have to earnestly try to incorporate their advice into my life, something I believe my William & Mary experience has helped me achieve.

 Devon Bortz
Devon Bortz
Devon Bortz Headshot

Devon Bortz

Seeking a Driven Community

I always knew that I wanted to go to a school where the people were academically driven and passionate about their work. At the same time, it was important that I found a place where people seemed genuinely happy. Devon Bortz with AwardSince my mom went here, I'd grown up going to Tribe basketball and football games, and so William & Mary was always on my radar. Initially, I thought I wanted to go somewhere different, but I eventually realized that I was looking for that signature William & Mary atmosphere in every school I toured. So, William & Mary, it was! As for the Business School, I knew I wanted to be a Marketing major when I first applied. I already had most of the prerequisites completed from high school, and I wanted a business-oriented education to complement my English major. Marketing gives me a way to communicate the writing skills I've acquired through my English major, and my Entrepreneurship concentration gives me a platform to pitch my ideas, while also helping me learn how to successfully run a business.

A Holistic Business Education

I have loved being a student in the Mason School. The first class I took was Principles of Accounting with Rachel Stephens; a class I was certain would be incredibly challenging. However, Stephens' enthusiasm and organized teaching style helped me learn the material easily, and I ended up doing really well! Even though I don't want to go into accounting, I knew the Business School was the right place for me. I've also loved getting to work in the Mason School's Marketing Department, where I write articles for the official Business School website. Moreover, my time as a Fellow for the Miller Entrepreneurship Center has been so impactful, as the friendships I have fostered with the other four EC Fellows has culminated one of my most rewarding college experiences. 

From Classroom to Corporate

The ability for me to combine all of my interests through my IPS has led me to some incredible opportunities. The summer after my sophomore year, I worked as a Trade Editorial Intern at Scholastic Inc. in New York City. Devon Bortz with CliffordThis was such an awesome experience because I got to edit all of Scholastic's Graphix books, such as Captain Underpants, The Babysitters Club, and Amulet. I also worked at Arts & Letters Creative Co. in Richmond this past summer, where I conducted marketing research for different projects for Google and worked on a commercial for ESPN. I credit much of my success in these positions to all that I have learned in my classes at the Business School.

Passions Take Precedent

While I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do after I graduate, I'd love to be working in communications for a non-profit organization. Ten years from now, I just hope that I'm doing a job I'm really passionate about! I believe that my biggest takeaway from my undergraduate experience will be the self-confidence I've gained, both in terms of my skill set and abilities and in my understanding of who I am and what I aspire to. William & Mary is a place that teaches you to stand up for yourself and always be your own advocate, and I've certainly gained the skills to do so as a student in the Business School.

 Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Headshot

Sarah Brown

The Perfect Mix of Programs and People

I decided to come to William & Mary because of the welcoming environment, the prestigious Business School and the wide offering of study abroad programs. I also knew that when I went to college, I did not want to be just another face on campus - I wanted to see people I knew throughout the day, and so the size of the student body here was perfect for me. From the time I committed to William & Mary, I knew I was interested in business, and so I applied a year early for the Mason School for admission in the fall of my sophomore year. My desire to study business was fueled by my passion for working with numbers, coupled with my desire to have a career in which I could be working directly with people.

Confidence Through Exploration

I really appreciated my first semester in the Business School; ‘The Block.’ Sarah Brown halloween with three peopleDuring this foundation block, I was able to experience a class in each of the majors offered by the Business School, which ultimately helped to confirm my passion for finance. Although the semester solidified my love for the analytic side of business, I was grateful for the opportunity to explore all business-related disciplines before focusing solely on my intended major. My experience in the Business School has been highlighted by working with patient professors in office hours, challenging myself in tough courses and gaining confidence for my career post-graduation.

Taking an IPS Over-seas

My Individual Program of Study has allowed me to combine Finance and Hispanic Studies courses. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take my studies abroad to Seville, Spain, where I completed my minor. I was also able to take an international marketing class, where I gained business knowledge from a completely different cultural point of view. Studying abroad not only grew my global perspective but provided me with some of my best memories from college. On-campus, as I explored finance, I also realized my interest in business analytics. For that reason, I applied and will be completing the Masters of Business Analytics program also through the Mason School. I am so thankful that Mason has allowed me to explore different interests as they arose, and has been accommodating with my plans, in turn allowing me to realize my passions to the fullest.

Endless Possibilities on the Horizon

In five or ten years, I see myself in an analytics career. I am excited by the limitless possibilities that come with analyzing data. Sarah Brown with four sorority sistersFiltering, modeling, and interpreting data can lead to so many insightful conclusions in any industry. Thus, a large part of my passion for analytics stems from the prospect of ending up in any field - health care, finance, sports, etc, because analytics is so widely applicable and useful. I also believe that in the future, I will look back and remember my college experience as a time when I explored many new interests both in and out of the classroom. I am learning more about the values I have and am excited to see just how my experience at William & Mary will propel me to my future career.

 Madeline Wagoner
Madeline Wagoner
Madeline Wagoner Headshot

Madeline Wagoner

Following Tradition

Madeline Wagoner with sorority sisterBoth my parents went to William & Mary so the campus has always felt like a second home to me. Besides feeling a sense of security here, I wanted to attend a school that allowed me to pursue all of my academic interests, while also encouraging me to try new subjects. By providing a top-level liberal arts education, William & Mary gives students the ability to explore really diverse and niche subjects throughout their undergraduate careers. I applied to the Business School because I have always wanted to major in Finance. I always take a very quantitative approach to problems, and so I wanted to pursue that interest. Furthermore, I was able to capitalize on the Business School’s integrated curriculum, which is unique in that it introduces students to all aspects of the business world.

An Unlikely Pairing

William & Mary's push for students to try to news things has always inspired my Individual Program of Study. I would have never dreamed that I would be a religious study minor, but I took a religion class as a Coll 150 and absolutely loved it. I try to continue to study and experience different things, such a studying abroad and pursuing subjects outside of my major and minor because it really makes you think and approach problems from multiple perspectives. The Business School constantly pushes me to do this as well. For example, I thought I would hate marketing, but, after taking my Intro to Marketing course, I found that I loved it. Madeline Wagoner with volleyball teamI also was not planning on studying abroad more than once, but the Business School offers an amazing opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia over Winter Break, and so I had to capitalize on it.

Value in Networking

I have never experienced a more caring and helpful professor as Professor Stauffer and Professor Agnew. I felt like both of them were constantly rooting for me and pushing me to be the best student and businesswoman I could be. You can tell they really love their subject matter and are passionate about teaching it to students. I also really enjoy the annual Dog to Wallstreet event. It was amazing to see how many alumni took time from their busy schedule to meet with students and give us real-world advice about navigating our upcoming career. You really see that alumni care about the school and want to help its students. It's comforting to know that you will always have that network.Madeline Wagoner with Goat

Falling into Place

In five years I hope to be a manager at Deloitte and living in Northern Virginia. I interned with the firm last summer and will be working with them upon graduation, which I am so excited about because it is such an amazing environment to work in. In ten years I can see myself moving to Charleston, South Carolina, to stay close to family. I will most likely stay in consulting, but I would also like to somehow integrate advising for adults in my free time. My biggest take away from William & Mary is to do what you love. Don't go into college with a set plan because it never works out exactly as you intended. Do what you love, work hard, and everything else will more or less fall into place.

 Clare Garrity
Clare Garrity
Clare Garrity Headshot

Clare Garrity

Feeling a Perfect Fit

In high school, I was like most students and very indecisive about where I wanted to go to college. For the longest time, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and was worried I wouldn't find a good fit. However, I remember being really excited about William & Mary after Day for Admitted Students. Just being on campus for that brief time, it was clear that students really loved to be here. Even amongst all my uncertainty, it was then that I knew Clare Garrity with friendW&M was a special place, and that I wanted to be a part of such a tight-knit community. Once I got to campus, I quickly became interested in the Business School. I recognized the value of the resources provided to students here, so I knew I wanted to be a part of this community, too.

Beyond the Numbers

I've always loved problem-solving, and finance has been a really cool way to apply my analytical mind to very concrete and applicable scenarios. Through my time at the Business School, I've come to appreciate how finance is so much more than just numbers; it's been really interesting to learn about the different aspects of the field and, more importantly, how I can apply what I'm learning to the real world.

Classes that Excite

One of my favorite classes at the Business School has to be Professor Agnew's course entitled Money and Debt Markets.Clare Garrity Study Abroad Professor Agnew is such an engaging professor; she is really excited to teach the topic, which not only made the content more interesting but made me just as excited to learn. She truly cares about her students, even after they've finished her class, which is something I think is pretty unique to our professors here at the college. Her office is always open for advice or encouragement when you need it!

Taking every Opportunity

Hopefully, in five to ten years I'll be applying concepts I'm currently learning to real-world problems in a useful and engaging way. One of the things I've learned since being here is to be open to new experiences. Often, when I've stepped out of my comfort zone on campus, I've been exposed to awesome opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise known about. Hopefully, in the future I can keep finding these opportunities to learn and grow!

 Jake Kisch
Jake Kisch
Jake Kisch Headshot

Jake Kisch

Programs that Excite

I came to William & Mary because I was very impressed with the University's commitment to undergraduate teaching. Additionally, when I was considering W&M, I was always impressed by the down to earth attitude of the people who I interacted with. I was drawn to the business school specifically because of the business analytics major, which I saw as a great program for developing technical skills, as well as cultivating a robust understanding of the world of business.

Learning Transferable Skills

Jake Kisch with FriendsMy IPS has evolved primarily as a result of my internship experiences during my time at W&M. After my sophomore year, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to work at a medical device start-up company. It was a challenging position, however, I used the skills I learned at Mason to assist the executives of the company in the development of their sales strategy. Through this experience, I discovered an interest in consulting and a passion for working in healthcare. The following summer, I worked in the healthcare segment at FTI Consulting. This was an incredibly valuable opportunity, primarily because I learned what the everyday life of a consultant is like. As I go through my classes this semester, I now have a different lens on the lecture material because I am challenged to frame it in terms of how it may apply to my future career.

Finding Meaningful Mentors

To me, the most influential part of my experience in the Business School has been the people. Professor Williams and Professor Long have both assisted my academic trajectory, not only in their courses but also in their contributions to my personal growth outside of the classroom. Both of them have contributed greatly to extracurricular activities that I'm involved in, and have given me great advice when it comes to building my vision of my career. Additionally, I've learned a great deal from my involvement in the consulting club. Through leading projects with local clients, I've been able to act as someone in a very senior position at a consulting firm, and have seen what it takes to be with a project from beginning to end.

Making an Impact with a Mason School Education

In five years, I hope to still be relatively in shape. In ten years, I hope I still have a decent head of hair. In all Jake Kisch with hockey friendshonesty, I have no clue what the 5 or 10-year plan is. Right now, I hope that I'll still be working in the healthcare industry. I think 10 years from now, big data, AI, the IOT, and general advances in technology will be drastically changing how we look at healthcare. Ultimately, I want to be a part of a group that is making that change occur. I think my biggest takeaway from my undergraduate experience will be an underlying confidence in my ability to perform relative to my peers in the workforce. I think that W&M has contributed to both my intellectual and personal development in ways that I will still be appreciating 10, 20, and hopefully even 50+ years from now. Ultimately, I believe that W&M has provided me with a great education and a sense of humility that will carry me far.

 Danielle Barr
Danielle Barr
Danielle Barr Headshot

Danielle Barr

Following Traditions

Both of my parents and my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family are William & Mary alumni, so I have Danielle Barr Moroccospent many years coming to Williamsburg for homecoming and basketball games. I had always loved the school, but it wasn’t until after I toured other universities that I decided William & Mary was right for me. Not only did I love the area, but I valued the many study abroad programs and was really excited about all of the unique opportunities William & Mary had to offer. I decided to apply to the Business School because there are so many career resources and opportunities available, which could help me gain more professional development experiences. Moreover, the classes available really interested me.

Discovering Passions

I just started the foundation semester in the Business School, however,Danielle Barr with sorority sisters I plan to study finance, a decision inspired by a past summer internship. Throughout this experience, my boss taught me how to analyze the weekly company metrics, and afforded me hands-on experience with other financial programming and tasks. It was interesting and somewhat surprising to see that I really enjoyed the analytical side of Finance. I also chose to double major in Hispanic Studies because of my interest in the ability to learn another language, as well as my desire to gain perspectives on other cultures. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain last spring where I honed strong language skills and immersed myself in an entirely new environment.

Exploring Unique Opportunities

The Women in Business club has been a great experience so far. Their mentorship program was very helpful when I was a sophomore figuring out how the internship process works. Additionally, they host very interesting career development events that have broadened my perspectives on the careers that can come from a business education. Moreover, the business school was really critical in helping me go aboard. Many people are under the impression that it is difficult to be gone for a semester and still fulfill Danielle Barr abroad with friendsthe requirements of a double major, but, in working with my advisors, I was able to ensure that I could take classes that interested me in Spain, and still on track with my majors.

Honing Skills for a Lifetime of Success

In 5-10 years I see myself working and living in Washington DC. My biggest takeaways from my undergraduate experience will hopefully be the relationships I formed, as well as the valuable life, interpersonal, and professional skills I have gained.