Mason School Celebrates Military Students at End of Year Promotion Ceremony

Last month, the Raymond A. Mason School of Business gathered together to celebrate military alumni as well as the promotion of four current military MBA students. Those honored included Yasheba Robinson, Jonathon Ward, Paul Kunnas, and Clarissa Butler. Each of these students were honored with new ranks, administered to them by their family members and celebrated by the whole Mason School community.

As Professor David Long explains, “The military perspective is critical for the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. These are leaders in our nation’s largest and most powerful organizations.” Events such as these serve to call to attention the impressive accomplishments of Mason School students, as well as honor and respect those who have served their country. Furthermore, as Professor Long explains, military students often bring a fascinating perspective to class discussions and projects. As he explains, “Non-military students can learn a lot from our military students, and vice versa. For example, military members must lead through the most stressful and trying situations and contexts. A future leader in the civilian sector can learn a lot from that perspective. On the other hand, civilian leaders must lead without rank, or heavy handed formal authority, which a military leader can learn a lot from.

Above all, Long explains how the main purpose of the ceremony was to “honor and celebrate the promotion of our four military students, as well as emphasize the commitment of the Mason School to its military students and their families”.