Welcome our new faculty & celebrate new professorship appointments

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business welcomes new faculty members and celebrates new professorship appointments.

New faculty members:

Sarah Hinchcliffe - Accounting

Bill Stauffer - Business Law

Dawn Edmiston - Marketing

Barry Saunders - Ethics

New Professorship Appointments:

Rajiv Kohli named to the John N. Dalton Memorial Professorship.

Scott Gibson renewed/named to the J. Edward Zollinger Professorship

Todd Mooradian named to the William J. Fields Professorship

Ram Ganashan named to the D. Hillsdon Ryan Business Professorship

Barry Saunders named to the Patrick and Margaret Walsh Professor of Ethics and Business Leadership

Hector Guerrero named to the Richard C. Kramer Business Professorship

Gjergji Cici named to the Thomas L. Owen Professorship in Finance

Jim Olver received the Thomas and Teri Dungan BBA Teaching Fellowship Award