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At the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, we create an environment that fosters creativity and innovative thinking. Through your Individual Program of Study (IPS), you may choose to either major or minor in business, double major or minor within the Arts & Sciences, or study two different business fields by adding a concentration to your studies.

It's up to you!

Our coursework allows for intellectual depth, breadth, and curiosity. Our team of dedicated advisors will help you navigate your options to fulfill your personal interests and goals.

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International Emphasis

International Emphasis

Our international emphasis option allows you to internationalize your business degree by integrating your study abroad experience with formal coursework in business and cultural studies. The combination provides the foundation for a global education, enhancing your perspective as well as academic knowledge.

Global Opportunities

We encourage each student to incorporate an international experience into their Individual Program of Study (IPS). We provide curricular sequencing so all students may study abroad for a semester without delaying graduation and offer advising to help students maximize their experience while abroad. Social entrepreneurship projects and international internships also provide practical experience in this dynamic environment. Learning diverse ways to engage, our students are equipped to enter the dynamic, global business environment which awaits them after graduation.

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Stephanie Schefer

Stephanie Schefer '24

"To have the flexibility to take classes in various backgrounds and really explore topics outside of business, such as art or philosophy, helped me diversify my knowledge versus focusing on a one-minded discipline of study."