Become a Renaissance Marketer: William & Mary Launches Online Master of Science in Marketing

William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business has launched an online Master of Science in Marketing, bringing together the strategic, creative, and analytic sides of the profession to create and embolden the next generation of Renaissance Marketer.

Built around the concept that data drives strategy, innovation, and creativity, this unique program can be completed online in fifteen months with a single on-ground residency held on William & Mary’s Williamsburg, VA campus. Ranked number one in learning by Bloomberg Businessweek, the program is taught by faculty and industry experts from around the world and designed for industry professionals in corporate, agency, and nonprofit settings looking to advance their knowledge and skills towards industry-leadership positions.

Effective marketing in today’s world of fragmented media starts with developing an understanding of how to use data to develop insights, define segmentation strategies, and drive effective and compelling communications across a host of media. "When we look across the marketing discipline, we see the convergence of two traditionally mutually exclusive skills; one is: can you manage a vast amount of data and pull insights out of it? The other is, can you use those insights to create innovative ideas, products, and services? The marketers of the future have to be able to do both.” said Matt Williams, Visiting Clinical Professor, past CEO of the Martin Agency, and co-designer of the program.

Just as the concept of creating a Renaissance Marketer implies a broad yet deep understanding of the many skills needed to be effective in today’s world of traditional and digital media, the program itself was designed for marketing professionals from all industries and types of business settings. Professor K. Scott Swan, Area Marketing Head at William & Mary’s business school and co-developer of the program indicates, “We are not training you for a specific job. What we do is give you broad-level skills that are applicable in small business start-ups and big companies. What we believe is essential is the ability to see broadly across the activities that are important in marketing.”

Over the last five years, William & Mary’s business school has built a portfolio of highly ranked fully online masters-level programs, to adapt to the changing ways busy working professionals can access education to advance their careers. The Master of Science in Marketing will launch this fall with what is expected to be a full cohort and will not be affected by the current health crisis.

Press Release (PDF)