Event Planning Guide

Any organization planning an event that represents the Mason School of Business, the MBAA, or the MBA Program must work with the MBA Program Office. All events should follow the event planning procedure even if they are not being held in Miller Hall. 

MBAA Event Scheduling Steps
Step 1: Event Funding & MBAA Approval

If the event is an MBAA approved and budgeted event, the MBAA will provide funding. All clubs or committees must submit an event budget proposal to the MBAA before the start of the semester. The MBAA will notify the event organizer of the MBAA’s funding decision.

Other groups on the W&M campus (for example, Student ActivitiesCenter for Student Diversity, and the Reves Center for International Studies) may provide alternative sources of additional funding. Please contact organizations directly to determine if additional funding is available.

Step 2: Event Policies & Procedures
You are responsible for ensuring that your event abides by university policies and procedures.  Please review the following information carefully.
Step 3: Scheduling Your Event

Communication with MBA Program Office is critical to ensuring that your event is scheduled successfully.  Events must be submitted at least 1 month prior to your proposed event date.  Please use the following checklist:

MBAA Event Scheduling Steps
  1. Check the Academics page for both First Year and Second Year class schedules. Identify times that may work for your event outside of class times.
  2. Use the W&M MBA Events Calendar, the MBA Planning Google Calendar and MasonLink to identify potential open dates. DO NOT book your event on the WM Events Calendar just yet.
  3. Complete the MBAA Logistics & Room Request Form (For more information on this form, visit "Submitting a Request for your Event")
  4. Schedule a meeting with the MBA Program Office to review your request.
  5. Add the event to the W&M MBA Events Calendar (For more information, visit "Adding an Event to the W&M MBA Events Calendar")

Please note that events are not officially scheduled nor are room reservation valid until the event is approved on the W&M MBA Events Calendar

Step 4: Select a Speaker (optional)

Speakers for events can come from a variety of sources:

  • If you are going to host a career-related workshop or event, you must meet with the Graduate Career Management Center first. Email GradCareers@mason.wm.edu for assistance with career-related workshops or events.
  • Executive Partners can be reached out to through the Executive Partner Database
  • Alumni Relations can assist in putting you in touch with Mason or W&M Alumni. Email alumnirelations@mason.wm.edu for assistance with alumni-related events, as well as to let them know if you are working with alumni.
  • If you desire to invite the William & Mary President, you must go through the MBA Program Office. MBA Programs, the Dean’s office, and the President’s office have certain protocols that must be followed for special invitations. Do not attempt to contact the President’s office on your own.

Most speakers respond best when given a choice of available dates. If the speaker has a very tight schedule, the speaker may give you dates. Always ask for more than one possible date/time.

  1. Meet with or email the MBA Program Office to see if any of the proposed dates will work with the MBA Program Schedule.
  2. Once availability is confirmed with the MBA Program Office, confirm the final date with the speaker.
Step 5: Event Management

All aspects of your event are your responsibility. 

Ordering Food (optional)

The person(s) organizing an event is responsible for the arrangements of all food and drinks served at the event. For all MBAA approved and budgeted events, food, drinks, and supplies (plates, cups, utensils, etc.) may be paid in advance by the MBAA if a vendor’s invoice is provided to the MBAA treasurer at least 72 hours before an event. Otherwise, the organizer should pay and submit a reimbursement request along with the original receipts to the MBAA for reimbursement within 60 days of the event. Please note that MBA Program Office does not provide food or drinks.

Serving Alcohol at Events

All student events held on campus that serve alcohol must:

  1. Follow the Alcohol Beverage Policy set forth by the Office of Student Leadership Development.
  2. Be registered with Office of Student Leadership Development (Campus Center 203) at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  3. TIPS Training will be required for all Club and Committee leaders and will be held within the first two weeks of the Fall Semester. At all events involving alcohol, a TIPS-trained student must be present and responsible for following TIPS procedures. 
  4. All events involving alcohol being hosted off campus are required to have security present. 

Failure to comply with College alcohol policies can result in the revocation of your club status. 

Event Promotion

Terms or illustrations descriptive of alcoholic beverages or which encourage or promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages (including but not limited to “cocktails,” “happy hours,” “BEvERages”) are prohibited.

We strongly recommend sending event invitations to Full Time MBA students via email and/or newsletter. The MBA Program can assist in putting an event invitation on the television screens displayed throughout the building.

Please note: We encourage you, where appropriate to invite other programs (including Flex MBA, Executive MBA, Online Programs, and One Year Master's Programs) but in order to do so, please contact the MBA Program office first. We will pass on your invitations for you.

RSVP & Sign-In Lists

RSVPs for MBAA club and committee events may be collected online through Qualtrics or through a Google Drive document.

The organizer of an MBAA approved event should have a sign-in sheet at all events. Please provide a copy of the final sign in sheet to the MBAA Internal Vice President.

Guest Speaker Hospitality
  • Parking passes: The event organizer should obtain a parking pass for the speaker. Parking passes may be requested through the Miller Hall Building Coordinator. Request a parking pass by emailing MBA.Program@mason.wm.edu.  Requests should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event.
  • Speaker Gifts: MBA Program Administration does not provide speaker gifts. The MBAA has a stock of gifts available for speakers along with wrapping paper, ribbon, and thank you cards for you to provide to your speaker.

The event organizer is responsible for formatting & printing name tags, programs, and tent cards, if needed, for the event. The paper for name tags and tent cards is available from the MBA Program office. Programs can be printed at the Swem Library Print Shop.

Event Set Up

The MBA Program Office is available to provide:

  • Assistance with your event in the form of guidance
  • Contact information for on-campus resources (AV, Funding, Catering)
  • Policy standards for events (alcohol policy, what forms you need to file with campus)
  • A liaison between you and building management
  • Room reservations
  • Furniture set-up (along with your room reservation we will give a description of items needed for the event. If you are reserving Brinkley Commons, you will be required to meet with the building manager one week prior to your event to confirm the arrangements.)

Please contact the MBA Program Office if you have any questions regarding the event planning process.