TechDay unites big data needs with tomorrow's up and coming workforce

William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business is focused on adapting today’s curriculum to meet the needs of companies in the technology industry. Equipping students with big data knowledge and how to apply analytics in terms of driving company results is helping to craft the ideal candidates for big tech companies.

That focus was on display at the Mason School's first annual TechDay, where hundreds of students and representatives of 25 companies networked and discussed trends shaping and reshaping fast-moving, technology-based industries.

The half-day event in Alan B. Miller Hall included three panel discussions and two presentations on business analytics topics ranging from ethics to communication. Afterwards, company representatives and students discussed opportunities from summer internships for undergraduates to jobs for Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) candidates.

Akram Khan, president of software development company Pantheon, has offered Mason students 19 professional opportunities in the last three years. He said TechDay makes it even easier for students and employers to connect.

“It is helpful to get to know them as we seek to assist them with their careers,” he said, adding that he expects offers to Mason students to grow as a result of TechDay.

Patrick Scherder, a senior manager of data and analytics delivery services for PricewaterhouseCoopers, appreciated that TechDay was specifically devoted to students and employers in technology-focused fields.

“It was a great way to have candid conversations with students on what companies in both professional services and industry are looking for in candidates in order to transform their workforce,” he said. “This event was a great step towards building a relationship between William & Mary and technology-focused employers. I look forward to building on this momentum in the years to come.”

More information about TechDay and opportunities for students and employers at the Mason School