Prof. Bob Stowers: "Many cave under the pressure to spell well"

OK, I admit it. One word that I struggle to spell is the word misspelled - or is it misspeled or is it mispelled? Even though I pride myself on my spelling, there are words that continue to be troublesome for me. Spell check is a great help to me as it to many people.

Sometimes, I use spell check to validate how I thought a word should be spelled. It offers me comfort and confidence that words that I am writing are spelled correctly. It also helps to get rid of the squiggly red line under all my difficult words.

At times, when I am writing, I hear myself say "i" before "e" except after "c" or when it sounds like "a" as in "neighbor" or "weigh." It is funny that after so many years some childhood lessons still ring in my ears. I wonder if students are still taught that phrase; or if phrases like that are replaced with instruction on how to find spell check in Microsoft Word.

Business lists the 25 words commonly misspelled. The list includes dependent, accommodate, separate, commitment and privilege.

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