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Our Approach

William & Mary's MS in Business Analytics program puts you at the cutting edge of business analytics in an environment that replicates the real business world. You'll gain keen insight from a diverse number of perspectives through critical thinking projects with your 5-person learning team. You will emerge with the analytic expertise to solve complex problems from multiple perspectives, making you the strategic asset companies want to hire.

We take a "book end" approach where business context is taught first, followed by intensive analytic methodology coursework - one third of which is in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - and ending with a final business application capstone project where you will serve as a consultant for a real company.


STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

STEM-Designated Program

William & Mary’s MSBA Program allows you to merge business acumen and leadership with highly technical skills to solve complex problems in today's workplace.

Candidates enrolling in the STEM-designated residential MSBA Program may be eligible for an extension of their post-study Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa up to 3 years. For additional information or to set-up a pre-interview appointment, please contact [[m|msba]] or 757-221-2953.

Nasiba Radjabova

Nasiba Radjabova '22

"William & Mary's program is only 10 months long. I like the idea that I could transform my career potential and enter the real business world in a short amount of time. Secondly, It offers the OPT-STEM designation which is good for international students."

Four Key Competencies

  • Business Acumen

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Computing Technologies

  • Communicating with Impact

Gio DeFrank

Gio DeFrank '22

"This program is very technical in nature and I was interested in pursuing a more technical path. William & Mary's goal is to create hands-on analysts or scientists who work directly with the data to understand its implications in a business context."

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum ensures you will learn the technical skills of a data scientist and gain the strategic perspective of a business analyst.

  • Learn how to gather and structure the large volumes of data companies collect about their businesses
  • Master the requisite skills needed to wield Big Data
  • Identify the key data fields that effectively predict consumer behaviors
  • Effectively communicate the results of technical analyses using non-technical, managerial terms
  • Provide insight and relevance to affect strategic decision-making
Program Snapshot
program snapshot
Pre-requisites (Flexible and Affordable Pre-requisite Completion Available)
Probability & Statistics
Linear Algebra
R and Python Programming
Business Foundations
(See Admissions for flexible and affordable online and in-person option for completing prerequisites)
Fall Semester
Competing Through Business Analytics (3 credits | 3 weeks) Database Management (3 credits | 12 weeks)
Stochastic Modeling (3 credits | 12 weeks)
Machine Learning I (3 credits | 12 weeks)
Optimization (3 credits | 12 weeks)
Spring Semester
Big Data (3 credits | 12 weeks) Capstone Project (3 credits | 3 weeks)
Data Visualization (1.5 credits | 6 weeks) Heuristic Algorithms (1.5 credits | 6 weeks)
Machine Learning II (3 credits | 12 weeks)
Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms (3 credits | 12 weeks)

Course Descriptions

Program information learned

You will learn state-of-the-art models for clustering, regression, classification, and deep learning for vision and text mining. Plus, you will be well-rounded with models for time series forecasting, resource optimization, logistics, and reporting at scale. Our program uses tools in every course, including, but not limited to, Python, R, Gurobi, Alteryx, Tableau, MySQL, Keras, Spark, and TensorFlow.

There will be comprehensive coverage in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Communication is reinforced strategically throughout the program, emphasizing storytelling and communication of results to decision-makers. We are applying the heft of data science to business problems, using data to drive business forward and to create insight.