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By choosing William & Mary, you will join a cohort of students who come from all over the country and the world. Our students are intellectually curious, data-driven professionals with backgrounds in business, science, arts, and humanities. They bring a diverse set of perspectives and passions to the classroom. In this nine-month STEM-Designated program you'll learn from our top-rated faculty, work with dedicated career counselors through the Graduate Career Management Center, and ultimately, become a well-rounded business professional with the tools required to be successful in your Accounting career.

Typical MAcc Class Profile

  • 70

    Typical Class Size

  • 3.51

    Average GPA

  • 50 %

    Undergraduate Accounting Majors

  • 55 %

    Female Students

  • 0 - 2

    Average Years Work Experience

  • 25 %

    W&M Undergraduate Alumni

  • 25 %

    U.S. Minorities

  • 10 %


Deadlines, Requirements, and Prerequisites

Application Deadlines

Application review is conducted on a rolling basis and early applications are encouraged.

Fall Entry Term Application Deadlines

The application for the Fall Class is available beginning August 1 and submitted applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Fall Entry Term Application Deadlines
Application Deadline Admission Decision Scholarship Priority
September 1* September 20 Yes for All Majors
October 15 November 10 Yes for All Majors
December 1 December 20 Yes for All Majors
March 1 March 17 Yes for Non-Accounting Majors
April 15 May 5 Yes for Non-Accounting Majors
May 15** June 1

* Applications received before August 15 are reviewed on a rolling basis.
** Applications received after May 15 are reviewed on a rolling basis as seats are available in the upcoming class.

Spring Entry Term Application Deadlines
Spring Entry Term Application Deadlines
Application Deadline Admission Decision Scholarship Priority
April 15* May 5 Yes for All Majors
July 15 August 5 Yes for All Majors
September 15 October 5 Yes for All Majors
October 15 November 10 Yes for Non-Accounting Majors
November 15 December 5
December 1** December 15

* Applications received before April 1 are reviewed on a rolling basis.
** Applications received after December 1 are reviewed on a rolling basis as seats are available in the upcoming class.

Application Requirements

Admission to the MAcc program requires completion of the following steps:

Application requirements steps
GRE/GMAT & Waiver Process

GRE/GMAT waivers are available for domestic and international candidates who graduated or will graduate from a U.S. four year institution with a 3.25 or higher GPA.

If you plan to enroll after your senior year, we strongly recommend taking the GMAT in the spring of your junior year or in the summer between your junior and senior year. You may submit an unofficial GRE or GMAT score report to the MAcc Admissions office by email at [[m|MAcc]] or indicate your score in your application to expedite the processing. However, if required, official test scores must be received prior to admission approval. Test scores are only valid for five years. Test scores must be forwarded directly to William & Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business by Educational Testing Services (ETS); our GMAT school is 9DDX743.

International Candidates

Transcripts. Official academic record (transcripts) and diploma are required. If the documents are not in English, a certified literal - not interpretive - English translation must be included. Copies must be certified by the institution from which the degree was received. Documents certified by a Notary Public will not be accepted. Transcripts should include: Years of attendance, courses taken, grades achieved, degree, diploma, or certificate awarded (if applicable), date of conferral (if applicable).

  • WES Evaluation: We do not require a WES evaluation at the time you submit your application. So long as the candidate's official transcript is provided in English from the university or the transcript is in English you will not have to submit a WES evaluation prior to enrollment.
  • Grades/GPA: We receive applications from students located all around the world and understand that the 4.0 or A-F scale favored by American universities is not always applicable. If this applies to your school, please leave those questions blank on the application. Do not attempt to recalculate or translate your GPA. We will take these cultural differences into consideration when evaluating your application.
  • Test Score Reports: Unofficial and self-reported test scores will be used for application review however coinciding official scores will be required for all matriculated students.

English Language Proficiency. Applicants must have a fluent command of rapid, idiomatic English and be able to express thoughts clearly in speech and in writing. If your native language is not English and you have not studied extensively in an English-speaking country, you must submit scores from the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the International English Language Test System (IELTS). Scores should be sent to the Graduate Management School. For additional information:

Language Proficiency Test Waivers:

We will waive the language test requirement only if you studied for at least four consecutive years in an English-speaking country and you completed your undergraduate degree during that time.

Academic Preparation of International Applicants. Applicants must have successfully completed the equivalent of a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree plus 12 years at the elementary and secondary levels to be eligible for admission. Please see below for country specific information:

  • Australia, New Zealand and South Africa: Bachelor's honours degree or bachelor's degree where standard of completion is four or more years of full-time study.
  • Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka: All three-year Bachelor's degrees are accepted. Transcripts must include a photocopy of the diploma and/or degree conferral showing the date, location, and institution from which the official degree was received.
  • Canada: Three-year bachelor's degree from Quebec; four-year bachelor's degree from all other provinces.
  • France or French-patterned education system: Degree or Diplome requiring four years of post-baccalaureate study from a university or a grand ecole.
  • Germany: University Diplom, Magister Artium or Staatsexamen. Graduates of Fachhochschulen and Berufakademien are not eligible. The Vordiplom by itself is not sufficient.
  • Indonesia: Sarjana (five years) or SI, awarded after four years of university study.
  • Mexico, Spain, Central and South America: Completion of all courses and thesis or professional exams required for the title or degree of Bacharel or Licenciado/Licenciatura.
  • Switzerland: Licence, Diplome or Diplom; four to five years of university study.
  • United Kingdom and school following British pattern of education: Honours Bachelor's degree
Online Application

Each candidate is required to create an account and submit an online application form. In addition, a $100 non-refundable application fee is required. The fee is payable by credit card, personal check, cashier's check drawn from a U.S. bank or subsidiary, or wire transfer. William & Mary undergraduates and alumni, active-duty military, veterans, and those who have served in humanitarian organizations such as the U.S. Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc. are eligible for an application fee waiver. Please email [[m|MAcc]] to receive a waiver prior to submitting your online application.

Please note that if you have started an application prior to the Fall 2019 season, you will need to create a new application, as we have moved application systems. Our online application does not work with Internet Explorer. We suggest using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

Academic Transcripts

The Admissions Committee requires official transcripts from each of the colleges and universities you have attended as a registered student (regardless of the number of courses taken), including summer school, study abroad, evening classes, etc. To expedite the application review process, applicants have the option of submitting nonofficial university transcript(s) as part of the online application. All matriculated students must provide official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended as a registered student prior to enrollment in the program.

We prefer electronic official transcripts, but also accept hard-copy official transcripts. Electronic transcripts must be send directly from the institution to [[m|MAcc]]. Hard-copy official transcripts should arrive in a sealed envelope with the signature of the Registrar across the seal. Do Not Open Official Transcripts. The sealed envelope must be sent to the MAcc Admissions office unopened.


Two professional and/or academic written recommendations specific to your intellectual and professional abilities are required and can be submitted anytime in the application process. In the online application, you will be given the option to provide email contact information for your recommenders so that they can complete your recommendation online using our template (preferred method).

If one of your recommenders is unable or chooses not to complete the online recommendation form, you may print out a Recommendation Form to be mailed to our office or returned to you in a sealed envelope with the signature across the seal. Letters should be written on letterhead stationery and must include a signature and full contact information for the recommender.

Essay & Personal Statement

We require a response to the first essay question and offer you the opportunity to submit an optional personal statement.

At the top of each page, please put your full name and a complete statement of the question being answered.

  1. What qualities do you have that will make you a good accountant? What are you hoping to achieve during your studies in the MAcc program? (approximately 800 words)
  2. Is there any additional information that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee, which would assist in reviewing your application? (250 words)

Work experience is not required for admission into the MAcc program. However, previous professional experience is considered when evaluating your application. Candidates with limited professional experience must be strong in other aspects of their MAcc application, including academic performance, demonstrated leadership achievement and campus or community involvement, and possess clearly articulated goals to offset the lack of experience.

We encourage you to limit your resume to two pages - one page resumes are preferred.


An interview is the last step of the Admissions process. Interviews are offered by invitation only to candidates whose applications have passed through an initial evaluation. We encourage you to conduct the interview in person in conjunction with a campus visit, but we understand that this is not possible for all candidates. For candidates unable to meet in person, interviews are also offered via phone, and Skype.

All students admitted to graduate programs at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business must have a conferred bachelor's degree from an accredited institution prior to matriculation.


All students must complete the courses listed below prior to enrolling into the Master of Accounting program. However, it is not necessary to have them completed when you apply for admission.

Principles of Accounting

Preparation and use of financial statements to communicate information about a variety of economic events to both internal and external users. At most schools, this is a two-semester 6 credit sequence. Applicants with less than six credits of Principles must demonstrate that the Principles course is substantively similar to the William & Mary Principles course.


Theory and application of basic probability, classical distributions, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and other statistical analysis (i.e., correlation and regression).

Intermediate Accounting I

Offered by the MAcc program in a separate intensive 3 credit residential course in our summer Boot Camp. July 5, 2023 - July 25, 2023.

This course focuses on the financial reporting environment: analyzing reporting choices, preparing financial statements, evaluating the quality of the reported information and assessing the role of financial information in resource allocation. Topics traditionally included in intermediate accounting are covered by tracking the effect of key business transactions on the financial statements and by analyzing key measures of performance evaluation such as profitability, competitiveness, financial flexibility, liquidity and operating efficiency. The class also examines the role of incentives on reporting choices and the link between financial statements and investment decisions.

Intermediate Accounting II

Offered by the MAcc program in a separate intensive 3 credit residential course in our summer Boot Camp. July 31, 2023 - August 18, 2023.

This course focuses on an advanced study of topics in financial reporting that are traditionally considered in intermediate accounting. Reporting issues related to topics such as pensions, stock options, and deferred taxes are considered with reference to original source materials and accounting research.


Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 2 credit online course in our summer Boot Camp. July 31, 2023 - August 23, 2023.

This course focuses on the application of risk assessment procedures, statistical analysis, and other auditing techniques within the framework of generally accepted auditing standards. Ethics, judgment, and case studies are emphasized.

Cost Accounting

Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 2 credit online course in our summer Boot Camp. July 5, 2023 - July 28, 2023.

This course focuses on cost analysis for inventory valuation and income determination, as well as planning and control of routine decisions. The relevance of cost concepts to modern decision tools is emphasized. There is a substantial use of problems and cases.

Introduction to (U.S.) Taxation

Offered by the MAcc program as an intensive 2 credit online course in our summer Boot Camp. June 5, 2023 - June 28, 2023.

This course focuses on the framework of the U.S. income tax system as it applies to individuals and businesses. The economic, political, social, and ethical issues involved in the creation and application of federal income tax policy is analyzed. Students will develop the ability to identify solutions to problems confronting the individual taxpayer.

Flexible Program Options

  • 3+1 / 3.5 + 1 Years

    Earn your bachelor's degree and a specialized master's degree in 4 or 4.5 years by applying AP credits towards each degree's requirements.

  • Summer Bootcamp

    Don't have your prerequisites completed? Take advantage of our Summer Bootcamp to complete the program in one year. All prerequisites are offered in an accelerated format with the exception of Principles of Accounting and Statistics. Bootcamp courses are $800 per credit hour.

  • Spring & Fall Start Dates

    Begin your studies in the fall or spring to maximize your career and CPA exam preparation.



Here are some answers to some of the questions we hear most often during the application process.

Do I have to be an accounting major to gain admission?

No. We are delighted to have students from both accounting and non-accounting backgrounds. We have admitted students with undergraduate degrees in Finance, Economics, general Business as well as students with degrees in Engineering, International Relations, Government, Religious Studies and Art History, among others.

Do I need to have all of my prerequisite courses finished before I apply?

No. We need to know how you plan to complete the prerequisites and we will need final transcripts of any course you take before you can start the program but you do not need to have already finished the courses before you apply.

Do I have to take the GRE/GMAT?

GMAT or GRE score reports are required for all international candidates and strongly recommended for domestic candidates with a GPA below 3.25. We do accept both GMAT and GRE scores and show no preference to one score over the other.

You can complete and submit the online application form prior to your test date, but if upon review the committee requests a test score your application will be held until a score has been submitted.

How many international students do you have in the class?

Approximately 19% of our students come from overseas. We have had students from China, Korea, India, Russia, Turkey, Germany, the UK and several different countries in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Are Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships available?

Everyone who applies to the program is automatically considered for merit scholarships and no separate application is required. Scholarships are based primarily on a candidate's previous academic and work experience.

In addition, to merit scholarships, the MAcc program does assign a limited number of Assistantships every year. These roles do not reduce your tuition in any way but are paid positions.

What additional application documents are required as an international candidate?

IELTS exam. To receive full consideration candidates should score at least 100 on the TOEFL or 7.0 on the IELTS. Candidates that have completed at least four consecutive years of study in the US will not be required to submit an exam report. 

So long as your international transcript can be delivered in English, we will not require a WES evaluation at the time you submit your application.

Do I need work experience to be considered for admission?

Work experience is not required for admission, but both professional experience and internships can certainly enhance your candidacy.

Which prerequisite classes are offered at William & Mary's summer boot camp?

We offer Intermediate Accounting I & II, Cost Accounting, Auditing, and Introduction to U.S. Federal Tax in the summer boot camp.

All the boot camp classes are fast-paced and require substantial work from the students. There is an additional charge for each class. None of the courses can be taken for MAcc program credit although all courses will help students complete the credits they need to sit for the CPA exam in the state of Virginia.

Does the MAcc program meet the educational requirements for the CPA exam?

The William & Mary Master of Accountancy meets the educational requirements for CPA Licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia and may meet the educational requirements for other states. The individual state accountancy boards have sole authority in determining whether credits earned are acceptable for examination and licensure. William & Mary has not determined whether the specific educational requirements for licensure or certification in your state has been met and encourages all prospective students to thoroughly review the information available on the NASBA website. Students should work with an advisor to ensure they are completing appropriate coursework and be aware of additional non-educational requirements such as professional work experience.

Francesca Peavie

Francesca Peavie '20

"Don't feel daunted by not necessarily having an accounting background or a business school background. Half of my cohort didn't have undergraduate business school experience or a degree specific to accounting. We all found success in the program and professionally after graduation."

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