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Why Accounting?

Today's accountants do much more than counting money and reading balance sheets. They are central players in U.S. healthcare reform. They help solve white-collar crime (did you know the FBI employs thousands of accountants?). They are leading the charge in environmental policy reform. Accountants are Chief Financial Officers of Fortune 500 companies, auditors, and international merger and acquisition experts (did you know an accountant headed Disney's acquisition of Star Wars and Marvel?). They are your local small business owners who need the sharp and well-rounded cash flow management skills taught by seasoned faculty. They teach at nearly every college and university in the world.

Check the Numbers

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    Best Business Jobs

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    Job Satisfaction

  • $ 82,000

    Average Salary within 2 years as an Accountant

  • $ 120,000

    Average Salary Within 5 years as an accountant

  • $ 1M+

    Salary Potential as a Senior Partner/ Principal

Why MAcc?

Why MAcc?

A Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree is designed for those looking to get ahead as a public accountant, corporate accountant, auditor, fraud examiner, financial analyst, and so much more. It can be the boost you need to ascend to a higher-level position in banking, taxation, insurance, or any company with a financial division for that matter. With an advanced accounting degree, you’ll gain superior analytical skills, deepen your knowledge of accounting principles and learn the latest technology.

A MAcc is also a very important step towards becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). The CPA exam is the most well-known designation in the accounting profession. While intense, it’s worth it because accountants are appreciably more marketable to potential employers after passing the exam. Many public accounting firms will pay for review courses for employees they believe in; however, to sit for this exam, most states require a total of 150 hours of coursework, which equates to five years of school. Earning your MAcc helps fulfill the CPA coursework requirement and, in some cases, can reduce the supervised work requirement, enabling you to become certified faster.

One of the key reasons MAcc graduates are such attractive new hires is that they enter a job-ready, willing, and able to roll up their sleeves and get to work. With the industry poised to grow by more than 10% in the next decade and an anticipated 60,000+ new accounting jobs by 2029, it is a great time to pursue a MAcc and enter this surprisingly diverse profession.

Why W&M?

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    Among Small Schools

Why WM?

William & Mary's Master of Accounting program offers a fast and flexible way for you to earn this specialized degree and the program's STEM-Designation means international students are eligible for an OPT visa extension upon graduation. Unlike many programs, ours is open to students from both accounting and non-accounting backgrounds. In just nine months, you'll enter the job market having earned the requisite 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam and mastered the technical and professional skills that will allow you to excel in this not-so-conventional and in-demand profession.

Already have a degree in accounting from undergrad? Wondering why you should consider adding a masters? Did you know William & Mary's MAcc program is the only program with an Elijah Watt Sells Award winner in three consecutive graduating classes? That means they obtained a cumulative average score above 95.50 across all four sections of the Exam and passed all four sections on the first attempt. If you're someone who is up for a challenge, then our MAcc program is for you.

MAcc Program Highlights

  • Admissions

    Fall & Spring admissions allow you to build your own +1 masters program

  • Emphases

    5 academic emphases including Accounting Analytics

  • CPA Pass Rate

    90th percentile first-time as ranked by NASBA

  • Elijah Watt Sells Award

    3 consecutive winners

  • Winter Internship

    Earn up to $12,000

  • Graduate Career Management Center

    Receive personalized career counseling

  • Sprint Week

    Immersive experiential learning opportunities built into each semester

  • DC Trek

    Network with professionals from federal agencies such as the SEC, PCAOB, Department of Treasury as well as the Big Four

Upasana Barot

Upasana Barot '22

"The MAcc program provided our cohort with an environment to refine both our technical accounting skills and business acumen. We developed soft skills like writing, presentation, and public speaking; things that not every MAcc program includes."

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