MBAA Committees

Committees and activities vary from year to year as the interest of the MBA student body evolve. Recently active committees include:

Alumni Relations Committee

The mission of the Alumni Relations Committee is to help facilitate and coordinate beneficial relationships between students, clubs, committees, and alumni of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. We feel our primary responsibility is building a stronger Mason Community through lasting relationships between students and alumni. We work with students, faculty, clubs, committees, Career Services, and Mason's Alumni Relations Group to help events add value to MBA students through greater interaction with alumni.

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee provides the Raymond A. Mason School of Business the opportunity to support our local community in various capacities. Through our activities and efforts, we aim to strengthen our schools culture of service, while creating a positive impact on our community for years to come. The committee organizes various events like Bake Sales, The Annual Masters of Business Charity Golf Tournament and Bowling for Kids' Sake to benefit local charities such as, Kidz' N Grief & Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Intramural Activities Committee

The purpose of the Intramural Activities Committee is to provide structured, competitive leagues and tournaments in a variety of sports and activities offered throughout the school year. These leagues and tournaments are run by William & Mary's Recreational Sports Department and are campus wide leagues. Mason students are given the chance to interact out of the classroom in a fun, competitive, stress free environment. Whether you are new to the sport or a former college all-star, Mason School Students can find a sport and a skill level to match. Examples of activities include flag football, 5x5 and 3x3 basketball, co-ed soccer indoor/outdoor, indoor volleyball, indoor floor hockey, and much more. Other athletic activities include the Duke MBA games and the Darden Softball tournament.

Social Events Committee

The purpose of the Social Events Committee is to engage members of the Mason School community in social interaction that promotes camaraderie and enhances the Mason School experience. The Social Events Committee will also be focused on bringing first and second year students together to foster a greater sense of community. Popular events include movie night, casual barbeques, and a monthly sports tournament, Tribe Tailgates, MBA Mug Nights and winter and spring formal.

College-Wide Committees

Grad Council

The MBAA has two representatives that sit on the Grad Council. One of those representatives is the MBAA VP-External and the other representative is a student selected by the MBAA exec officers. The Grad Council serves all five of the graduate schools at William & Mary (Business, Law, Arts & Sciences, Education and Marine Science (VIMS)). Its mission is to lobby for all graduate students on the William & Mary campus. A past successful initiative adopted by the Grad Council was to increase the coverage and decrease the cost for the student health insurance plan offered by the school. The Grad Council has five executive officers, one from each of the five graduate schools. It also has one senator that sits in the Student Assembly that represents all graduate students' interests at The University.

Student Assembly

The MBAA has one senator in the Student Assembly, the MBAA VP-External. His/her mission is to represent the interests of all MBA students at the Mason School. The Student Assembly (SA) is the student's government at William & Mary. It represents the students' voice to the faculty, administration, community and State. It also provides services for members of the College community. It is an integral part of life at the University and is the cornerstone of all student activities, since it annually provides more than $500,000, from each student's activity fees, in funding for clubs and organizations. The MBAA receives a small portion of its funding from the student activities budget.