MBAA Clubs

Clubs and activities vary from year to year as the interest of the MBA student body evolve. Recently active clubs include:

Consulting Club

Consulting Club's main focus is on creation of opportunities for student interactions with consulting alumni and industry professionals to develop a thorough understanding of and prepare for a career in the consulting sector. Club's activities primarily focus on:

  1. Networking opportunities: senior level speakers, early and mid career consultants
  2. Expose students to consulting knowledge base through Mason professor lectures
  3. Create a context to consulting profession, by discussing its challenges and rewords: consultant and student panels
  4. Create opportunities to practice case interviews: mock case interviews with consulting professionals
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club (EIC)

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club brings business and innovative minds together and promote entrepreneurial learning to students who thrive to convert their ideas into successful businesses. Members also consult with entrepreneurs (typically alumni and Executive Partners) in their respective fields.

Finance Club

The Finance Club focuses its efforts on enhancing the educational and professional interactions available for future financiers. The club emphasizes visitations to and presentations from executives employed in finance. We form discussion groups with faculty, Executive Partners and visitors related to topics of interest within the financial community. The Club has hosted events focused on professional learning in different areas of finance such as private equity, trading, investment management and investment banking.

Healthcare Club

Through this club we are looking to bring focus to this growing industry through interactive events including an introduction to the industry, a career panel, behind the scenes tours of local healthcare companies, and discussions on important issues and trends pertaining to the industry. The club will provide networking and learning experiences that will enhance the student career/internship search and strengthen the relationship between Mason and healthcare companies.

Human Capital Club

The Human Capital club focuses not only on developing students interested in Human Resources and Human Capital Consulting, but also on growing future business leaders to utilize human capital in their future workplace. The club helps MBA students to develop the essential skills that every future business leader needs for the work environment: working with people. In addition, the club provides a platform to connect students to professionals in the field of human capital.

International Student Association

Mason school of Business has a very diverse International community and the International Student Association (ISA) serves as a support system for international students who become a part of our Mason family. The ISA organizes various events, festivities, seminars and discussions to promote the cultural and national diversity existing in the business school. The ISA serves as a platform for international students to voice their opinions on various issues in the business school. ISA also provides resources to help international students in their career building activities. Currently the ISA represents people from more than 20 different nationalities.

Mason Military Association

The Mason Military Association assists members in leveraging former and current military experiences to enhance career opportunities within the public and private sectors, build esprit de corps and camaraderie within the Mason Community, and host lively leisure events. We focus on enhancing active duty student's access to a wide professional network of those continuing to serve, while also helping veterans effectively market their unique skill sets to transition into their professional field of choice. MMA members also serve as mentors to candidates and incoming students.

Marketing Club

The mission of the Mason Marketing Club is to connect students to outstanding job opportunities within marketing. The Club seeks to actively engage both experienced and novice marketing professionals by providing access to marketing experts, educational opportunities and networking events. Working closely with faculty, Mason Career Services, alumni and the community, the Club provides the tools necessary for members to become world-class leaders in the field of marketing.

Keystone events include:

  • Marketing Symposium
  • Super Bowl Ad Review and Deconstruction
  • Intimate discussions with Marketing Executives
  • Workshops for Skills and Career Development
National Association of Women MBAs

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business chapter of domestic and global MBA women is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering female business professionals, to assisting women into leadership positions in business, and to enhancing the diversity of the workforce globally. For more than 30 years, the organization has served four related client groups: female MBA students, female business professionals and MBA-level entrepreneurs, universities and corporate partners.

Net Impact Club

Net Impact is a powerful and influential network of more than 10,000 MBA students and professionals committed to using the power of business to create a better world. Through education, career resources, events and access to an international network, Net Impact helps members to use their business skills for positive social change. The William and Mary chapter has attended national Net Impact conferences and case competitions.

Operations/IT Club

Core Purpose: To seek out firsthand experiences that will further our understanding of supply chain management, operations management, and innovation through information technology.

Core Values:

  • Demonstrating Integrity
  • Providing Solutions
  • Transferring Knowledge
  • Taking advantage of opportunity

We will host a series of company visits, operations games, and talks that will aid in this endeavor.

Real Estate Club

The goal of the reinvigorated Mason School of Business Real Estate Club is to expose its members to a broad range of real estate industry topics. Through guest speakers, networking events, site visits, and resume books, the club aims to educate its members on topics in commercial and residential real estate and establish connections with industry professionals.

We are currently seeking members to join us for a fun and educational year in this fascinating and versatile industry.