Undergraduate Student Experience

Life at the Mason School goes beyond the classroom walls. Our community is a place where each student can feel connected to their classmates, to the faculty, and to their future.

We are dedicated to helping each student create a life of balance. Each student designs an Individual Program of Study (IPS), a personalized and comprehensive path to success that builds on individual talents, passions, and interests.

To nurture this environment, the Mason School has personal and professional development programs, a wide range of student organizations, and enrichment events. These activities are designed to enhance the learning experience and foster individual development as students prepare to become the people they want to be and shape the world in which they want to live.

Jillian O'Toole

Jillian O'Toole '23

"The biggest highlight for me is how much William & Mary feels like a community, whether that's a community within the business school, the soccer team, and overall, campus."