The Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance Welcomes Jad Howell as the new Executive Director

Raymond A. Mason School of Business Dean Larry Pulley announced that W&M alumnus Jad Howell will join the University as the Boehly Center’s new Executive Director. Howell will also join the finance area as a clinical professor.Jad Howell

Prior to his appointment, Howell was a Portfolio Manager for USAA Real Estate where he worked on the firm’s $4 billion flagship, diversified, open-ended real estate fund focused on generating long-term Core-plus returns through a variety of strategies. His professional experience also includes working in portfolio and asset management on multibillion-dollar private endowments, managing commingled fund positions and various direct commercial and multifamily investments in major domestic markets.

Howell holds a Master of Science in Accounting from William & Mary and a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from the University of Utah. He is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of numerous finance and real estate-related organizations.

“It’s an absolute pleasure and a privilege to return home to Williamsburg and my alma mater after nearly 15 years”, said Howell. “I’m thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing success of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business and The Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance in preparing and supporting today’s students in their efforts to pursue careers in finance, especially during this period of heightened uncertainty.”

"I have gotten to know Jad well over the past few months and am very excited that he is joining us," said Dean Larry Pulley. "Jad is one of our own and is making the transition from the high-profile corporate world to an academic role where he will lead the Boehly Center and its programs and initiatives into the future. This is something both he and we wanted to make happen, and now is the time!"

About the Boehly Center

The Boehly Center provides experiential learning and leadership opportunities for William & Mary students exploring and pursuing careers in finance. Our support is not limited to Mason School students but extends to any student across campus with an interest in finance. From financial training sessions to career exploration and networking opportunities, the Boehly Center works to cultivate students' interest in finance and to provide them with an insider's glimpse into the industry. Our programs expose William & Mary students to the competitive and demanding landscape of the modern finance world and help to prepare them for the challenging and rewarding career opportunities in this fast-changing industry. Founded in 2014, the Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance was established by a generous gift from Todd (BBA '96) and Katie (BA '95) Boehly.