The W&M MBAA President that "Never Stops"

From Germany to New Zealand, Qatar to the United States, EY to the United Nations, and the soccer pitch to Coaches Across Continents, my mindset and skills have allowed me to thrive in incredibly diverse and challenging environments. I understand that I am the sum of every experience - of all the places I have been to, the people I have met, and the challenges I have faced. While I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far, I am as ambitious, hungry, and determined as ever.

Here at William & Mary, I have been afforded the opportunity to continue exploring, learning, and chasing the very best version of myself. For a recent assignment, I was tasked with telling my story in video format for Professor Edmiston’s Digital Marketing class. It was a humbling experience that challenged my comfort zone and encouraged me to dig deep to define what I stand for in a mere one minute clip. Practical assignments like these hone important skills both professionally and personally - in this case, storytelling and effective communication. None of this would have been made possible without the patient help of my classmates. I would not have been able to create this video without their support, insight, and vision. I am so grateful to be part of this cohort of wonderful classmates and this is why I call William & Mary my happy place.