William & Mary's School of Business Welcomes New Chamber of Commerce President

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business would like to welcome Robert S. McKenna as the Chamber’s new President and CEO. McKenna’s active involvement in the Chamber since attaining this new role in February signals a new vitality for the Peninsula area, as well as growth for the business community.

For several years the William & Mary School of Business has partnered with The Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, giving our students the opportunities to gain local and national trade experiences. The chamber’s mission, “To connect business with opportunity,” has aligned with the school’s commitment to developing business leaders.

William & Mary and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business have long worked with local and state chambers of commerce, including the Hampton Roads, Greater Williamsburg, Greater Richmond, as well as the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. One such partnership combines Mason’s relationship with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the VITAL alliance, an international trade program.

“VITAL expands the Commonwealth’s nationally recognized international trade programs through formal partnerships with Virginia’s public universities and industry associations,” states the alliance’s website. Mason’s involvement with this alliance opens doors for students interested in international trade and provides real-life experience and connections between students and Virginia businesses. A partnership with VITAL allows the William & Mary community to connect with broader opportunities globally.

The Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce boasts over 13,000 business entities, 4 major military installations, a NASA research facility, a Department of Energy laboratory, various National Park Service sites at members. Working with this Chamber allows our students a connection to a large business community before as well as after graduation. Along with the Chamber’s various leadership programs, the local community benefits highly from this organization’s efforts.

In the past, the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Raymond A. Mason School of Business through event sponsorships, inviting students to professional development events, and hosting networking opportunities such as the Coffee Connection event to be held in August at the Peninsula Center. This organization also connects business professionals with students by providing speakers, presenters, and panel members to many events.

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business offers a warm welcome to McKenna as he begins this exciting venture, and we are eager see what innovations McKenna has in store for The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and the peninsula business community.