Flex MBA family business earns Chesapeake Small Business Award

Since 1997, Chesapeake’s MiCar Collision Center has been the epitome of a family business – right down to the name. When starting their auto repair business, Mike and Carolyn Maddox took the first letters of their first names, signaling both what they do and their personal commitment to the business. Their familial name also reflects the caring, meaningful service provided at MiCar.

“We wanted to provide an efficient shop that offers a higher level of quality repair and provide better customer service than what we had observed in the industry,” Carolyn Maddox explained.

Since opening MiCar, Mike and Carolyn’s son Daniel Melchers received his MBA through the Flex program and joined the family business. The Flex Program allows students the flexibility to take classes around their schedule, with evening classes and the optional support of an executive coach. Many students choose the evening program to complete an MBA while working, allowing professionals like Melchers to jumpstart their career in a timeframe that fits their needs.

The dedication exemplified by the Maddoxes and their son throughout the last 21 years earned MiCar the title of 2018 Chesapeake Small Business of the Year. In addition to receiving this award, MiCar has seen a significant increase in revenue since Melchers earned his MBA. Daniel’s wife, Jamaila Melchers, earned her MBA at the same time as her husband through the same program. She was recently promoted at her job. Both husband and wife agree that their MBA has been an integral part of their success.

Maddox noted that he and his family “enjoy helping our customers the most. It’s great to meet new people every day and we feel quite privileged when they choose our shop to complete their repairs.”