EY leads Big Four in giving back to William & Mary

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business is proud to announce the final results of the 2018 Accounting Firms Giving Competition.

Now in its third year, the Accounting Firms Giving Competition is an effort organized by the Mason Accounting Programs Board to encourage alumni in the accounting industry to give back. The competition recognizes the percentage of William & Mary alumni at the firm who made a gift to any area of the university during the 2018 fiscal year (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018).

2018 Accounting Competition numbers
Firm W&M Employees Mason School Participation Other W&M Participation Total Participation & Donors
Deloitte 283 13.4% 25.1% 38.5% 109
EY 218 31.2% 11.0% 42.2% 92
PwC 169 16.6% 13.6% 30.2% 51
KPMG 165 17.6% 17.6% 35.2% 58
Grant Thornton 36 19.4% 13.9% 33.3% 12
BDO 20 45.0% 5.0% 50.0% 10
Cherry Bekaert 14 28.6% 7.1% 35.7% 5
Keiter 13 30.8% 15.4% 46.2% 6
RSM 11 45.5% 9.1% 54.5% 6
Johnson Lambert 11 27.3% 36.4% 63.6% 7
Average Participation 20.7% 17.1% 37.9%

Results as of 7/12/2018

All of the Big Four accounting firms and six regional and international firms were represented in the 2018 competition: BDO, Cherry Bekaert, Deloitte, EY, Grant Thornton, Johnson Lambert, Keiter, KPMG, PwC, and RSM US.

EY ranked first among the Big Four Firms with 42 percent giving to William & Mary or the Mason School. EY has lead each year of the competition having achieved the highest participation in 2016 and tied for first with PwC in 2017. Deloitte, the firm with the most William & Mary alumni, ranked second of the Big Four with 39 percent participation.

Among all the firms, Johnson Lambert achieved the highest participation rate with 64 percent. BDO increased participation by 17 percentage points year-over-year, the largest growth of any firm, and 50 percent of alumni at the firm made a gift.

Alumni participation is a key indicator of alumni engagement in the mission and future of alma mater. William & Mary has the highest alumni participation rates among nationally ranked public universities, and the university is striving for 40 percent participation by 2020.

The Mason Accounting Programs Board (MAPB) is made up of alumni and accounting professionals who are committed to helping William & Mary sustain a nationally recognized accounting program.