Center for Corporate Education to Host Certificate in Business Management Course

This week, July 9th-13th, the Center for Corporate Education will host a five-day Certificate in Business Management program with participants from Smithfield Foods. This certification is one of many open enrollment programs the William & Mary School of Business offers throughout the year. Open to anyone interested in expanding their professional leadership knowledge, no prior business skills are required or necessary.

The week-long program is centered around the five core traits of business management: effective communication, executive leadership, business strategy, managerial accounting, and operational effectiveness. Each day is dedicated to a trait, and will be spent discussing the skills needed to incorporate the practice into one’s professional life. The program is wide reaching, with presentations that range from “Accounting as the Language of Business” to “Email-The Tool We Love to Hate.”

The program is designed to be multidisciplinary, and allows professionals the opportunity to develop a strong appreciation of the cross functional elements of the workplace, as well as a guide for expanding one’s personal brand. Perhaps most importantly, the Certificate in Business Management serves as a way to stay knowledgeable of rising trends in the industry.

“Sometimes, professionals who never had a background in business find themselves suddenly in a business role when they are rising up in their organization. A lot of leadership positions include budgeting or accounting type responsibilities. That is where our open enrollment courses come into play,” says Associate Dean Ken White.

The age of business is rapidly changing, and even the best business professionals can fall behind if they are not regularly exposing themselves to a learning environment. The Certificate in Business Management allows for up to date business information, so leaders are always able to be aware of and understand changes in the industry. “As an organization, you really want to give your employees the tools they need to succeed,” says Ken White.

In addition, the diverse portfolio of professors for this certification guarantees a rich educational experience. William & Mary prides itself on their excellent faculty, and the professors at the Center of Corporate Education are no exception. Associate Dean Ken White leads the collaboration on Monday, while Professors Allred, Rucker, Ganeshan, and Williams all contribute their knowledge to the program the rest of the week. Designed to be extremely collaborative, the professors will each showcase a different element of today’s business world. “A lot of companies have their own learning division, but our courses offer experienced faculty with the academic qualifications, latest research, and best practices to share with young business professionals,” says White.

Enrollment for the July session is closed, but the Center for Corporate Education will be hosting another Certificate in Business Management October 22 for business professionals to enhance their skills.