Building a better world through diversity and inclusion

Ken Bouyer develops and implements the global recruiting strategy for Ernst & Young, but he is the first to acknowledge that an emphasis on diversity was nearly nonexistent when he joined the firm in 1990.

“There was no focus on accepting and appreciating differences,” Bouyer said. “But I’m still here 28 years later, honored and thrilled to be leading the effort around diversity.”Ken Bouyer

Bouyer, Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting for the Americas, was the keynote speaker at the first Student Diversity Symposium at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business. The Feb. 16 event offered presentations and workshops on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace.

Representatives of the Mason School, the Counseling Center and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion held workshops and other presentations for students to further explore various aspects of diversity. Workshop topics included accessible activism, fostering “upstander” (as opposed to bystander) skills and more.

“It was an awesome opportunity to learn more about workplace diversity before I enter the workforce myself,” said marketing student, Samantha Kim.

Finance student, Clare Dabaldo, said the event was “a chance to reflect on, and practice, realistic ways of promoting diversity within the workplace. Mr. Bouyer did an excellent job of bringing the abstract concept of diversity into very tangible terms,” she said. “He did a great job of making people think to themselves, ‘What can I do to make sure everyone feels comfortable enough to be unique?’”

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