William & Mary's School of Business Celebrates 100% Internship Placement for MBA Students

William & Mary’s School of Business is dedicated to providing students with an exceptional education and a well-rounded experience. To accomplish this important role of preparing young business professionals for the challenges of tomorrow, the Graduate Career Management Center at the business school works with students as they strive for the opportunity to find internships in alignment with their future endeavors. This year, the Raymond A. Mason School of Business is proud to celebrate the fourth year in a row of placing 100% of full-time MBA students in successful and well-aligned summer internships.

This benchmark is an incredible accomplishment and a group effort across all members of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Alumni serve as a touchpoint between students and new opportunities, always willing to contribute what they can for current students. Faculty work tirelessly to prepare students for real-world experiences, while staff provide the resources and events students can use to promote themselves effectively. Executive Partners guide students with thoughtful advice through every part of the internship process. Students themselves work hard for these opportunities with the drive and ambition needed to gain these competitive experiences.

As with every year before, students have secured internships in a wide variety of industries and locations, displaying how William & Mary students have the foundations they need to succeed in any environment. Some employers include Google, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, American Airlines, and the United Nations among others. Many employers choose to hire William & Mary students for internships year after year.

Working to ensure that every full-time MBA student has a summer internship for the fourth year in a row is no easy feat, and shows that the William & Mary School of Business collectively prioritizes each student’s success. For more information about our students’ journeys, check William & Mary’s School of Business social media accounts for some specific highlights on student internships.