Top 10 things to do on campus according to a business school student

By now, our new students know that William & Mary’s campus is beautiful in every season. In fact, the lovely Virginia Georgian architecture is one of the main draws for prospective students. With a rich history and unique setting, the campus boasts beautiful trails, rustic pathways, and scenic places to study - or catch your breath, especially now, during finals season.

However, are there other things to do once you get to Miller Hall? (besides hit the books, of course!) Well, according to in-the-know Raymond A. Mason School of Business students – there’s plenty! Here are the top 10 things to do according to fellow students:

  1. Grab coffee and hang outside the Boehly Café. The café at Miller Hall is famous for having some of the best food on campus and for its own Starbucks! But right outside is a small patio fitted with comfortable chairs, tables and umbrellas. Whether you want to chat with friends, cram in a study session, or write your midterm paper, it’s a great place to get your daily dose of fresh air and sunlight.
  2. Walk through Colonial Williamsburg with friends. “We live in such a beautiful town,” says Madelin Bender, a marketing major. “It’s a shame to stay holed up in your room when you can explore Duke of Gloucester Street.” Madelin loves to meet friends and go walking through CW. “It’s really beautiful every season of the year, and it is a great way to relax from school work and to spend time with friends,” she says. Also, a little-known fact is that every William & Mary student gets a free Colonial Williamsburg pass while they are at the university. What a great opportunity to explore!
  3. People-watching outside Miller Hall. “On this campus I love people watching,” says Jena Araojo, a business analytics major. “There are plenty of interesting people walking by all the time, from students to professors to townspeople.” One of the best places to people-watch is from the benches outside Miller Hall. You can see everyone from undergraduates to graduate students to professors and Executive Partners. And most times you’ll end up seeing a friend or a favorite professor with whom you can catch up.
  4. Go canoeing on Lake Matoaka. “My favorite thing to do every year at William & Mary is to go canoeing on Lake Matoaka,” says Vail Prior, a marketing major. “I wouldn’t say I am a very active person, but I love getting outside with my friends and doing some hiking and kayaking. At the beginning of the fall semester and the end of the spring, you can rent a canoe and go out on Lake Matoaka and just splash around. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon, but probably best for the spring once temperatures are back on the rise.
  5. Suntan on Fields Lawn. When it’s bright and sunny outside, most people flock to the Sunken Garden to sunbath or play Frisbee. But the secret all business students know is that Miller Hall has its own lawn right outside the student study lounge, perfect for basking in the sun and melting away the pasty winter tone. More often than not, on a warm, sunny day you’ll see your fair share of students relaxing on the grass—and maybe even a professor or two.
  6. Hang out in the Entrepreneurship Center. “When I’m at the business school trying to kill time, I tend to go to the Entrepreneurship Center,” says Brendan O’Connor, a marketing major. “The atmosphere has a very relaxing and creative vibe that just makes you feel really chill. Also, not many people know about it, so it’s usually pretty empty, especially on a Friday.” The Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center on the third floor of Miller Hall is open to all business students and a great place to fuel a new idea.
  7. Getting cocoa at the Blue Talon. “Now that winter is almost here,” says Alex Marto, a finance major, “I love going to the Blue Talon Bistro in Colonial Williamsburg to get a hot chocolate. It’s kind of pricey, but nothing says winter to me like getting hot chocolate on a cold day. The Blue Talon has the best, by far.”
  8. Going to Wren Ten on Wednesday nights. “When you’re at the business school, sometimes you get wrapped up in goings-on in Mason and the events there,” says Cecily Wuenscher, a marketing major. “There are tons of events for students outside the business school, and my favorite to go to is Wren Ten on Wednesday nights. It’s a great time to meet up with people you don’t see so often, and you get a good show because the a cappella groups on this campus are awesome!” Make sure you get to the Wren building at 10 p.m. to see one of William & Mary’s a cappella groups do an informal and up-close performance, free for everyone.
  9. Going to the gym early in the morning. “This may seem a little extra, but I love going to the gym really early in the morning,” says Destini Brodi, a finance major. “No one is there, and I can rock out and dance to my music without anyone staring at me.” William & Mary’s student Recreation Center has great facilities for all types of exercise and tons of classes that are offered at very reasonable prices. It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day in Miller Hall.
  10. Walking the trails behind the Rec Center. After a long morning of studying, sometimes you just feel like you need to get outside. Starting behind the Rec Center and ending at DuPont Hall, there is a long, winding trail that makes you feel like you’re out in the wilderness. Very few people know about it. So if you go back there, you’re only likely to see one person, tops. The trail goes all through the woods, as well as passing Lake Matoaka and the outdoor science lab. It’s especially beautiful in the fall when the whole trail is bright with orange leaves.