Leadership & Business Podcast receives numerous awards in 2017

In September 2015, Honeywell CEO David Cote advised William & Mary students that “it takes more than being smart to be successful” and to “make sure your internal story is the same as your external story.”

Cote was the first guest on the Leadership & Business Podcast series of the Center for Corporate Education at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Since the series started, nearly 100 business professionals have offered advice to hundreds of thousands of listeners.

These virtually unedited question-and-answer videos, each lasting about 20 minutes and hosted by Mason School Associate Dean Ken White, have featured leaders including United Bank CEO Bill Crawford, MetLife Chief Data Scientist Bin Mu and William & Mary President W. Taylor Reveley III.

The podcasts are known for providing authentic advice from world-class professionals. For example, Alice Davison, vice president of recruitment at The Capital Group, advised listeners to “pay attention to the interview process; it will tell a lot about a company’s culture.” Also Margaret Liptay, a well-known leadership coach, stressed that slip-ups and vulnerability are important, adding, “Perfectionism will take you down the road to failure.”

Most recently, Wall Street journal reporter Joanna Stern discussed the idea that “media are changing, and the storytelling you do on the page is very different from what you do on the camera.”

In the past year, the podcast series has received many accolades. The overall series received the Electronic Media Apex Award of Excellence for using online sources to aid in education. In addition, several individual podcasts received recognition.

“Leading a Good and Tough Culture,” featuring former Martin Agency CEO Matt Williams, received a silver EduAD award in the New Media category. Williams discussed how “there is an inherent chaos in the marketing business” and how “you want your company filled with people who solve problems differently than you do.”

“Career Advice for Young Women,” featuring editor and writer Janice Min, received a Gold Hermes Creative Award for its innovative and impactful message about women in the workforce. Min stressed that “nobody is ever going to reward you for just working hard,” adding, “Just listening is a hugely underrated key to success in the business world.”

In addition, “A Passion for Leadership,” featuring former CIA Director and U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, won a Gold Marcom Award for a “bold and brilliant” communication platform. Gates described how “the best leaders have their egos in check” and added, “Once you are in charge, you are no longer just a part of the gang.”

Ken White, the series host, said the podcasts’ success is “a reflection of the guests we have had. It is a simply fascinating group of individuals who always have interesting stories to share.”

“We are here to educate,” Ken White said. “A lot of the professionals we have on our podcasts love their jobs and love giving advice to young people. It is truly rewarding.”

Listen to all of the podcasts and learn more about the series