Rapid Insight Predictive Analytics Software Use in Healthcare Course

Rapid Insight Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use predictive analytics and data blending software, is providing student versions of its predictive analytics and data blending software for use in a “BI and Analytics in Healthcare” class at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business. The class is being taught by Dr. Chon Abraham, who will have students utilize the software to learn more about how predictive analytics can play a supporting role in patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

“Our Dean has a mantra to ‘bring business into the business school’ and that means to ensure that our teachings are relevant as well as fundamentally based, which is why I approached Rapid Insight. Contemporary businesses seek employees who can readily turn data into information then knowledge and finally apply that in actionable insight,” said Dr. Abraham.

“Healthcare is an industry that is poised to benefit greatly from this ability to aid in reducing costs and improving the quality of care. Incorporating state-of-the art software from Rapid Insight and having hands-on instruction from the company’s skilled data analysts will help to equip our students with these highly marketable skillsets, especially those sought by health sector organizations. I look forward to the upcoming engagement and collaborating with Rapid Insight in building teaching materials to extend the platform for use in other courses.”

Rapid Insight Senior Data Analyst, Jon MacMillan, will be presenting a hands-on session as part of this course, targeting MBA students considering careers in the healthcare sector. Rapid Insight provides free student editions of its software to any institution looking to incorporate predictive analytics and data preparation tools in a class curriculum. Contact Rapid Insight at info(at)rapidinsightinc(dot)com for more information.

About Rapid Insight Inc.:
Rapid Insight Inc. is a leading provider of predictive analytics software and solutions that provides organizations with the ability to make data-driven decisions. Focusing on speed, efficiency, and usability, Rapid Insight products enable users of any skill level to quickly turn their raw data into actionable information. The company's analytic software platform simplifies the extraction, analysis, reporting, and modeling of data for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.