The Mason School’s Field Consultancy program “Brings the Business School to Business”

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    Field Consultancy  Our MBA students work for the Riverside Health System PACE program through the Field Consultancy program.  
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The MBA program with the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary announces that the following companies are participating in this year’s Corporate Field Consultancy program: Riverside Health System, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Huntington Ingalls, Bon Secours, Interbake Foods, Marmon/Graver Technologies, New Richmond Ventures, and Recycling Perks (a subsidiary of TFC Recycling).

The program puts 48 second-year MBA students into teams of 4-5, together with a faculty supervisor and two Executive Partners to undertake the challenges of a large-scale, team-based consultancy project for a paying client. Our Executive Partners are over 100 active, semi-retired or retired senior business executives, from more than 20 different industries, who create a unique cadre of advisors at the Mason School.

Clients develop a project statement, which can range from how to best implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to issues in human resources, supply chain, and marketing.  Student teams work throughout a 13-week period to research the issue, develop creative solutions, and present findings to the client firms. This successful program, which began in 1996, provides exceptional value to the client and invaluable experience to the students.

“The Mason School’s Field Consultancy program is an outstanding partnership with tangible benefits,” said Craig Connors, Vice President or the PACE Program with Riverside Health System.

“For companies it offers quality, insightful, open-minded evaluations of business challenges. The teams’ recommendations are actionable and practical. For the cost, there is no comparison in the private consulting industry.” 

A new client this year for the Field Consultancy program is TFC and its subsidiary, Recycling Perks. CEO Paul Stacharczyk chose the Mason School for a consulting project because of its international reputation.

“We are very impressed with the quality of the program and the depth of knowledge the students bring to our project,” said Stacharczyk. “Our goal is to identify the economic value our Recycling Perks program brings to communities and we have a high degree of confidence the W&M program will provide us the outstanding results we seek at a tremendous value to both the students and our company.”

For information about the program, contact James Hewitt, Director of Field Consultancy, at 757-221-2035 or .