Flex MBA Peninsula Center Redesign Applauded

A sophisticated green and gold palette, warm task lighting, and leafy images of campus now greet those who enter the William & Mary Peninsula Center in Newport News, where Flex MBA classes are held.  In spring 2012, the Flex MBA Program staff hosted an Open House to showcase the newly redesigned Peninsula Center to students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the College.   Dean Larry Pulley, Associate Dean for Faculty Bud Robeson, Associate Dean for Programs Jon Krapfl, and Assistant Dean for MBA Programs Deborah Hewitt all offered congratulatory remarks to the gathering.  These Mason School of Business leaders share a passion for excellence in education, and understand the importance of place for students who make the Peninsula Center a home away from home for three years.

Top drivers for the first-class interior design team of Ellen Sutton and Martha Orr were utility, style, and a William & Mary feel.  "Our Flex MBA students spend a lot of time here.  We wanted the Peninsula Center to be functional, but also to look and feel great," said Martha Orr, Flex MBA staff member.  A new kitchen allows students to heat up dinner and store staples, and offers nightly coffee for professionals who may need a java boost between work and class.  In the large foyer, tables and chairs are grouped for reading, small group work, friendly conversation, and networking.  The renovation also added two conference rooms, new computers in each classroom as well as the computer lab, and expanded bandwidth.

The Peninsula Center is a space that gets extensive, year-round use by faculty and the 200 or so students who are in the Top 50-ranked Flex MBA Program at any given time.  A lot of hard work, creativity, and "aha moments" happen here as participants teach and learn high-level business concepts and strategies.  Led by Dean Larry Pulley, the Mason School of Business toasted the new Flex MBA digs with champagne (not a usual classroom staple!)

"We set out to create a warm, inviting, and professional space, conducive to a variety of needs, from team work to receptions," said Flex MBA staff member Ellen Sutton, the other half of the decorating duo.  The results are a worthy and elegant environment for the world-class education that occurs at the William & Mary Peninsula Center every day.