Project Provides an Unconventional Internship

  • Biking across America
    Biking across America  From left, MBA students Rawles Wilcox, Mark Walkley and Adam Reel.  
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Three MBAs are taking the road less traveled this summer for their internship—literally.

Staying true to the revolutionary spirit of all who walked the bricks of W&M for centuries before them, Rawles Wilcox, Adam Reel, and Mark Walkley decided that they were going to break from the traditional MBA summer internship between the first year and second year and do something different…and make a difference.

They come up with The MBA Road Project  -- a 4,250 mile bike trip across the country to raise awareness for ChildSavers, a non-profit in Richmond devoted to alleviating the trauma children experience when exposed to a violent event.

Along the way, which is the TransAmerica Bike Trail, the W&M Bikers will talk with the locals in each town about the economic issues the country is facing and test out the Main St. vs. Wall Street theories.