Football Watch Party at the Boehly Cafe

The William & Mary School of Business is hosting a football viewing party this Saturday, starting at noon in Miller Hall's Boehly Cafe as the Tribe takes on the Spiders of the University of Richmond. This is in conjunction with the friendly wager between the Mason School's Dean Larry Pulley and Dean Nancy Bagranoff of the Robins School of Business.

And for the second year, Dean Pulley has accepted the challenge — should the Spiders beat the Tribe, he will wear a UofR shirt to the delight of Dean Bagranoff and Spiders fans everywhere. But, should the Tribe win, as they did last season by a healthy margin, then it will be Dean Bagranoff who will don the colors of green and gold. 

Watch the videos below that detail the story and explain the challenge:




UPDATE: The Tribe defeated the Spiders, 25-23. Dean Bagranoff will have to wear a William & Mary t-shirt for the second year in a row! l.