Flex MBA Program Welcomes New Revolutionary Thinkers in 2011

"The world is poised on the cusp of an economic and cultural shift as dramatic as that of the Industrial Revolution." – Journalist Steven Levy

The William & Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business welcomes a new cohort to its Flex MBA Program this month.

Our latest group of ambitious students stands ready and eager to bring their revolutionary approach into the classroom and then beyond – to corporations, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise.

Orientation for the Spring 2011 Cohort was held Saturday, Jan. 15.

Flex MBA students are full-time professionals seeking tools to change the world.  Through Mason’s part-time MBA program, these students will gain the knowledge and skills required to realize their vision, tempered by ethical behavior and judgment, so that their innovative ways of seeing the world and its possibilities can be implemented for the common good.
Revolutionary thinking in this new cohort comes from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, from nuclear-powered submarine engineering to biotech R&D project management to university administration.

Twenty-nine students with an average of 5.5 years of professional experience will start the Flex MBA journey in January 2011.  Ethnic heritages in our new class include Chinese, Pakistani, Mexican, Philippino, Bangladeshi, Cuban, and Indian – reflecting the global nature of business today.

Inspired and challenged by world-class professors, the group will be able to begin to apply what they learn immediately in their professional work places, and ultimately, throughout their lives.  Synergy of this nature creates business and societal leaders who will change the world.  The Mason School of Business is ready. Let the revolution begin!