U.S. Congressman visits Prof. Ned Waxman's class

Rep. Bobby ScottOn April 6, 2010, United States Congressman Robert C. (“Bobby”) Scott spoke to Professor Ned Waxman’s Commercial Law class, Business 342, concerning the health care legislation recently passed by Congress. 

In his presentation, Congressman Scott thoroughly explained the three principal models that Congress had considered, and he summarized in detail the model that Congress enacted.

He emphasized that Congress achieved its goal that all Americans will be able to procure affordable health insurance.  He also explained the sources that will fund this plan, and he related the expectations that it will pay for itself over the next ten years, and will reduce the deficit by more than 1.3 trillion dollars over the next twenty years.

Professor Waxman and his students asked numerous questions, and Congressman Scott responded with great clarity and specificity.  Congressman Scott currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee, the Committee on Education and Labor, and the Committee on the Budget.