Executive-in-Residence Dan Akerson shares insights on integrity, leadership

Daniel F. Akerson, right, listens to second year MBA student John Evans.Daniel F. Akerson, Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, spoke to a group of 60 students, faculty and staff about his experience in the business world and the characteristics of a good leader.

Akerson, who currently sits on the board of General Motors, spoke on the improvements of the fallen auto giant. “GM will be one of the next success stories,” Ackerson said, and that  innovation will be the key to GM’s resurgence.

When asked about the importance of integrity when leading a company, Akerson said, "Integrity is the cornerstone of any good leader. You can only ask people to do things you’re willing to do yourself."

Akerson was an Executive-in-Residence at the Mason School of Business  as part of the Laurie and John Andrews Speakers Series in Principled Business Leadership, a program which promotes business ethics, business leadership and business achievement in the undergraduate and graduate programs.