Alan B. Miller: A public option is not the answer

Alan B. MillerAlan B. Miller,  Universal Health Services CEO and Miller Hall's namesake, weighed in on the debate over healthcare reform in national media.

In a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece, Alan Miller writes, "As someone with more than 30 years of experience running a leading hospital company with international operations, I have firsthand knowledge of the hidden costs. . . If hospitals had to rely solely on Medicare reimbursements for operating revenue, as would occur under a single-payer system, many hospitals would be forced to eliminate services, cut investments in advanced medical technology, reduce the number of nurses and other employees, and provide less care for the patients they serve."

Speaking on CNBC on the unintended consequences of healthcare reform, Miller says that a public option will ultimately result in insurance agencies that will not be viable.

Miller tells Fox Business News that we should not throw away our current healthcare system, but to fix the problem.

In another Fox Business News appearance, Mr. Miller says that hidden costs in the health-care bill could affect your care.