MBAA Launches Distinguished Speakers

Blythe McGarvie

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. -- Blythe McGarvie, CEO of Leadership International Finance Group, will launch the MBAA Distinguished  Speakers at the Kimball Theater in Merchants Square on March 3rd. She will lead a discussion on global business leadership and  her new book, Shaking the Globe: Courageous Decision-Making in a Changing World (Wiley, 2009). 

The MBAA Distinguished Speakers provides Mason’s MBA students the opportunity to observe and learn from today’s best business leaders  as they prepare to  be the leaders of tomorrow.  McGarvie follows previous high-profile speakers who have shared their inspirational stories on business and leadership with the Mason community. Among the recent speakers are Beth Comstock, President of NBC Universal Integrated Media and Senator Mark Warner, former governor  and now U.S. Senator from Virginia and also a former telecommunications entrepreneur and executive.

As former corporate executive, McGarvie ran profitable business units and managed thousands of employees from China to Chile, France to Finland.  Blending leadership skills with a rigorous commitment to financial performance allows her clients to achieve transformative results. McGarvie draws on her exceptional experience in global business, corporate management, executive leadership, and board leadership and corporate governance.  She brings her energy and enthusiasm in helping others achieve financial success.

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