Live Case Day brings real management problems to the MBAs

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. -- Students in the MBA program will participate in a live case day on March 4.

“Thinking Like a Manager; Acting Like a Leader” will feature four business managers, each presenting a real management problem they have encountered.

Each manager will describe a current management problem and students will split into small groups to analyze the situation, formulate a plan of action, and present the plan to the manager.  The Mason School’s Executive Partners will critique the students’ decision-making abilities and recommendations.

The day will conclude with an Ethics in the Workplace series speaker in the Sadler Center. Kevin Walsh of Merrill Lynch will present his views on the role and impact of ethics in today’s business climate.

 "This program is another example of the School’s continuing commitment to bring the practicing world of business into the classroom," said Dr. Ed Felton, chair of the Mason School’s Ethics Initiative.

About Kevin Walsh:
Kevin Walsh, who graduated from Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary, currently works in Human Resources for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Before joining Merrill Lynch, Walsh practiced law with firms in Charleston, West Virginia, where he defended companies in asbestos litigation, and Dayton, Ohio, where he represented companies in employment matters.

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