W&M Business professors to discuss impact of continuing financial crisis

  • October 2008 Financial Forum
    October 2008 Financial Forum  William & Mary professors take questions from the audience at the fall 2008 Financial Crisis Forum.  
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William & Mary School of Business will host a follow-up to the fall 2008 Financial Crisis Forum on Thursday, March 26, 2009.  Understanding the Financial Crisis - Part 2 will feature a follow-up discussion about the global financial climate, the stimulus package proposed by President Obama and thoughts for the future. 

The discussion begins at 6 p.m. in the auditorium of the Office of Undergraduate Admission and is free and open to the public.  This event will also be available in real time on the William & Mary website.

Members of the panel include:

Dick Ash, Clinical Professor Entrepreneurship and Private Equity Entrepreneurship - will provide an investment overview as well as moderate and direct questions from the floor and e-mail to the panelists.

Deborah Hewitt, Clinical Associate Professor Economics & Finance - will explain how the U.S. financial meltdown spread around the globe and why some countries are doing better than others.

John Merrick, Richard S. Reynolds Associate Professor of Business Economics & Finance - will follow up on changes in Treasury and Fed Policy initiatives...including TARP, TALF, and Citi and AIG aid.

John Boschen, Brinkley-Mason Professor Economics & Finance - will discuss the housing market and bank balance sheets, as well as the stimulus plan.

Larry Ring, Chancellor Professor of Business Administration and Executive MBA Alumni Professor - will focus on the impact of the crisis on retailing and retailers.

Following their comments, the panelists will take questions that have been submitted through e-mail as well as from members of the audience.  To submit your question for the panelists, e-mail info@mason.wm.edu, by Monday, March 23.  Please include your name and your hometown.   

Update: View a video of the panel at www.wm.edu