Mason School of Business celebrates commencement

WILLIAMSBURG, VA. -- Inclement weather, also known as rain coming down in buckets, moved the diploma ceremony for the Mason School of Business inside William & Mary Hall.

Tom Brokaw, who was the College's commencement speaker, took time to address business school graduates.

Dean Larry Pulley presented awards to students and faculty. His comments accompany the awards descriptions.

Student awards
Undergraduate Awards
  • Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting Award for Service to the Wayne F. Gibbs Accounting Society,  Jessica E. Morgan and Ryan P. Forster
  • Charles L. Quittmeyer Award  for Highest GPA Among BBA Graduates,  David R. Gordon
  • John N. Dalton Memorial Award, to support Post-Baccalaureate Interest in Public Service,  William K. Eaton
  • Student Contribution to the BBA Program Award, Robert S. Franklin and Clara E. Ngomba
Graduate Student Awards

Master of Accounting Program

  • Trustee’s Award, for highest GPA among May MAcc Ggaduates,   McKenzie N. Dodd
  • Student Contribution to the MAcc Program Award,  McKenzie N. Dodd

Master of Business Administration Program

  • Trustee’s Award, for highest GPA among May Full-time MBA graduates, Eric J. Spitzer
  • Trustee’s Award, for highest GPA among May Flex MBA graduates,  Shantel U. Smith
  • Sancetta Memorial Fund,  Charles W. DuVal
  • Student Contribution to the Full-time MBA Program Award,  Joanna M. Hayes
  • Student Contribution to the Flex MBA Program Award, Nathan M. Phillips
Student-nominated faculty awards were presented to:
  • Jim Irving,  Bachelor of Business Administration students
  • Kim Smith, Master of Accounting students
  • Deborah Hewitt, Full-time MBA students
  • Scott Gibson, Flex MBA Students

The Class gift from the MBA class of 1997 was presented to David Murray.  This award  recognizes a faculty member for innovative use of classroom technology and is voted by the current second-year MBA class.

Faculty Teaching Awards

The Alfred N. Page Undergraduate Teaching Award went to Professor Todd Mooradian, who was traveling to Austria to conduct research.  Todd teaches in the consumer marketing area and is one of our most accomplished teachers.  He cares deeply about his students’ educational and personal development.  This year on his own initiative he taught a course on Sustainable Commerce and the Seas bringing together faculty members from around our campus, as well as from the Universities of Maine and FL; the CEO of Red Lobster; and students from business and the sciences. 

The Alfred N. Page MAcc Teaching Award was presented to Professor Kim Smith.  I usually do not recognize the same faculty member as the students but this year Kim is stepping down as Assistant Dean of accounting programs.  During her five years in that post she has committed herself to enhancing our MAcc students’ educational experience and preparation.  She instituted a team-taught module and trip to the SEC, FASB, and elsewhere to learn how accounting policies really come into being.  She has also made sure that we are leading the country in introducing our students to the new international accounting standards.  She has continued to improve the educational experience while helping us triple the number of students in our MAcc program.

The Alfred N. Page MBA Teaching Award was presented to Professor John Strong. John has become an institution teaching the core finance course in the first-year of our MBA program.  Under John’s gifted care the course has become renowned, and I think it fair to say that Professor Strong is both loved and feared.  You must work hard in his class and you must work smart and, if you do, you will be rewarded.  He is without doubt among the best finance teachers in the country.

Daniel C. Lewis Award for Exceptional Service, Professor Jim Bradley and Ms. Tricia Whisnant, Director of Academic Services.

We gave this award to Professor Jim Haltiner in 2007 for his extraordinary contributions to our new building project.  Next to Professor Haltiner, no one member of our current faculty has done more to engage his colleagues in providing vital input and making critical decisions on the design of classroom, offices, and other portions of the building than Professor Jim Bradley.  As chair of our Faculty Affairs Committee, he committed himself to this effort during what turned out to be a crunch time in planning and classroom design  He was there when  we sorely needed his leadership, and we are grateful.

Tricia is Director of Academic Services.  She has been with us for 16 dedicated years and over that time period has earned the respect and affection of every member of our faculty—she manages course scheduling, book orders, course evaluations; rankings surveys, accreditation research, you name it.  She has recently taken on a greatly expanded role and responsibilities.  She works many extra hours, takes charge, and gets it done.

Daniel C. Lewis Volunteer Service Award, presented to Bob McKnew.  Bob is stepping down as head of our remarkable EP organization.  Under his three years at the helm the reach and benefits to our students and us from our Executive Partners have expanded greatly and so has the membership—now up to 124 active and retired executive volunteers who are woven throughout our business school enterprise.  Our EP organization is the envy of many business school deans and Bob’s dedication to our students and us is complete—I even bump into him at our events in NY and elsewhere.

I would also like to announce that Professor Julie Agnew has received the Cabell Faculty Fellowship.  The Cabell Fellowships provide a stipend to assist with research activities and are given in recognition of exemplary teaching and scholarly excellence.