W&M Mason School of Business teams qualify for Deloitte Tax Challenge National Competition

WILLIAMSBURG, VA -- Undergraduate and graduate teams from the College of William and Mary are heading to the National Deloitte Tax Case Challenge competition, to be held Nov. 21-23 in Orlando, Fla. They earned their spots through their performance at the regional competition held in Atlanta in October.

This is the 15th year in a row the Undergraduate team qualified for the national competition, and the seventh time in 10 years for the Graduate team.

For the competition, student teams must complete a complex theoretical case study that requires them to analyze information, identify data issues and consider alternative tax treatments for a fictitious client situation – all in just five hours. Teams prepare a written solution to their cases and submit them to a panel of judges for evaluation.

The members of the Undergraduate Team include Joseph Allen, Ryan Forester, Donald Holzinger and Grant Van Kirk. The members of the Graduate Team include Mary Altum, John Barlow, KerriAnne Quimby and Vanessa Rowan.

Professor Jim Smith credits the consistency of the Mason School success “We have outstanding students who work well as a team, who are motivated and want to learn.”

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