Residential MSBA Career Outcomes

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Why pursue a career in Business Analytics?

"Businesses are drowning in data but starving for insight." - Forrester Research

We create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and businesses are desperate to make sense of it all - what it means, what the impacts are, and how it can be leveraged to drive growth and success. The demand is so high, job openings in the field are projected to rise 19% by the year 2026 and the market can expect approximately 5,400 new jobs to be created.

Not only are professionals with a hybrid of technical and business skills in demand, careers in Business Analytics are ranked among jobs that are the highest paying, have the highest growth, and are the best for work-life balance.

Business Analytics Job Statistics

  • # 1

    Jobs with the largest hiring growth

  • # 25

    Highest paying jobs in the U.S.


Residential MSBA Employment Stats

  • $ 84,000

    Average Starting Salary + Bonus, Class of 2021

  • 96 %

    Full-Time Employment Offer Rate, Class of 2021

Career Preparation

Career Preparation through William & Mary

You've spent 10 months taking a deep dive into the world of business analytics and learn from experts in the field - our faculty who are ranked #3 in the country. You've polished your statistics and science skills all in the context of strategy. Now you are searching for a full-time position as a business analyst, data scientist or one of the many other job titles representing opportunities in the field. Learn more about all of the advantages our program can bring to your job search.

Residential MSBA Resources

  • Graduate Career Support

    As soon as you enroll in the MSBA program, expert career advisors through the Graduate Career Management Center are working with you to provide personalized assistance in resume writing, interview coaching and networking so you can maximize your job offers and reach your career goals.

  • Resume Building Experience

    Earn resume-worthy experience through our Capstone project, a program culminating exercise in which you will apply all of your knowledge and discern the requisite skills needed to solve a complex issue Business Analysts are facing in the business world today.

  • Networking Opportunities

    From on-campus company receptions to Tech Day, you'll have the opportunity to engage with recruiters from consulting and analytics firms, Fortune 100 companies, and more. By leveraging the members of the Executive Partners program, you'll receive personalized mentorship from current and former C-suite executives and access their contacts for employment prospects.

  • Global Business Language Immersion

    In a hot field like analytics, if you are seeking a job in the US your English language skills can be the deciding factor on whether you get a job quickly, or later or not at all. We offer our international students the opportunity to increase their hiring potential through our elective immersive English-language experience. You'll add to your skills as an effective analyst, communicator, and team-member.

  • Global Network of Tribe Alumni

    Our extensive global network of alumni are passionate about connecting with our students. They come back to campus to contribute on discussion panels, participate in networking events, and interview prospective candidates as recruiters.

Residential MSBA Full-Time Employment and Job Titles

Full-Time Employment

Our students are recruited on-campus, at conferences and networking events. The Executive Partner program expands your connections in the business world and the Graduate Career Management Center provides continuous career-enhancing support long after you earn your degree.

Some of the companies where our MSBA graduates have secured Full-Time positions
list of companies
Salesforce Amazon Accenture GEICO CBRE
Capital One Booz Allen Hamilton Deloitte IBM JP Morgan Chase
KPMG Riot Games Celonis Red Hat EY
Grant Thornton CGI Consulting PWC AWS


Tesla Microsoft CapTech Consulting Square


McKinsey & Company GitHub Bank of America FTI

Huron Consulting

Job Titles

Upon graduation, William & Mary MSBA students possess the tools to succeed in a multitude of corporate functions, such as: Data Consultant, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Scientist, Research Analyst, Market Analyst.

Frank Wan

Frank Wan '22

"When I was interviewed by different companies as part of my job search, they always asked me about projects—what techniques I used to design them, what tools did I use, what were the results that I concluded? I knew how to answer every question because of my hands-on experience."