Part-Time MBA Career Outcomes

Advance Your Career

The Part-Time MBA program is made up of students currently employed in a variety of professional capacities who are pursuing their MBA to enhance their future opportunities and options in their growing careers. Alongside many other motivators, students in the Part-Time MBA program are seeking to:

  • Position themselves for advancement within their current organizations.
  • Prepare to seek new, challenging roles at top employers.
  • Gain strategic tools to start their own business or up the game for a business they've already launched.
  • Grow their professional network through relationships with peers, Tribe alumni, faculty, and Executive Partners.

How Much Does an MBA Increase Your Salary?

  • Salary Multiplier

    A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can drastically increase your earning potential. An MBA is frequently listed as an essential requirement for higher-level positions, and these leadership roles typically carry with them desirably high salaries that can make the challenging journey to reach them entirely worth it in the end. Research indicates the ROI for graduates may be as high as $20,000 per year in additional salary and compensation. MBA graduates also enjoy a diverse range of opportunities across sectors, including management, business development, operations, finance, marketing, project management and consulting.

  • Region & Specialty

    n the U.S. salaries for positions requiring an MBA vary from state to state. Salaries in states with large urban areas and business communities often outpace those in other parts of the country. The average annual salary in 2020 for a role requiring an MBA in New York, for instance, $90,734 while it was $66,544 for similar roles in North Carolina. Salaries also typically vary according to your field or specialty. The salaries website Payscale breaks the set of all business roles down into four categories: finance, technology, marketing, and consulting, and consulting. Their further research suggests there may be annual salary differences of around $20,000 between the highest and lowest paying of these specialties.

  • Other Compensation

    A professional with an MBA can also expect their total annual earnings to exceed their base salary. Many individuals earning business administration salaries can also expect to earn perks such as signing bonuses, performance bonuses, and stock options. These reward an MBA holder for the impact their increased knowledge and sharpened mindset will have on the growth and success of their organization. Over many years with an organization, the value of these perks can add up to a considerable sum. MBAs also offer less tangible benefits, such as increased networking potential, the development of valuable transferable skills and a higher level of job security once that dream job is obtained.

  • The MBA Difference

    An MBA can make it easier to stand out from the crowd when applying to the highest paying jobs. No matter your location, profession, industry or career goals, earning a well-regarded MBA is a great way to add immediate credibility to your resume that can justify your requests for a higher salary as you advance on your career journey.

Career additional content

Business school requires a large investment of time and financial resources. But our Part-Time MBA students know that by earning their degree they will accelerate their career without interrupting their professional momentum. Many of our students are promoted into higher level positions before they ever graduate from the program because the Part-Time MBA Program is designed so students don’t have to wait until they complete the degree to begin applying their strategic-level knowledge. According to the Executive MBA Council, the return on investment for a professional MBA program is only three years, so the Part-Time MBA Program at William & Mary is an excellent investment that will pay dividends early and sustainably across your career.

Part-Time MBA Employment Stats

  • 72 %

    Of Students Received a Salary Increase Before Graduation

  • 49 %

    Of Students Received a Promotion Prior to Graduating

Carmen Anthony

Carmen Anthony '17

"Being in the Part-Time MBA program played a huge role in my promotions. It showed my employer I was serious about moving up and taking on more responsibility. The Part-Time MBA program helped me stand out from the competition, become more confident, competent and proactive in my career. Definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!"