Part-Time MBA Academics

Preparing You to Move Forward with Purpose

The Part-Time MBA program curriculum delivers essential business insight from the management perspective, in concert with leadership, technical, interpersonal and communication skills. Gain the business expertise you need to stand out from the crowd and make an immediate impact on your organization.

Part-Time MBA curriculum highlights

  • Core Coursework

    Finance, Marketing, Operations, Management Information Systems, and Accounting allows you to understand how all the areas of an organization contribute to the mission.

  • Organizational Behavior

    Increases understanding of the human and organizational aspect of business. Communication for Managers expands your skills in presenting, speaking, listening and writing effectively for maximum impact with various partners and audiences.

  • Analytical Tools & Models

    Analytical tools and models support organizing and optimizing information for enhanced understanding and decision making.

  • Economics

    Economics courses shed light on macro forces. Our core capstone course, Global Competitive Strategy, allows you to integrate and synthesize your global knowledge.

  • International Immersions

    International immersions each year are an extraordinary opportunity to experience the world of business around the world, for an in-person understanding of how business is done globally.

Lorenzo Sheppard Jr.

Lorenzo Sheppard Jr. '20

"I was intrigued by the disciplines that were available within the PTMBA program, specifically engineering management. I wanted to have some technical element to my MBA experience and I was able to take a lot of electives that aligned with my interest and background in engineering."

Core Curriculum and Electives

Develop your strategic vision and a new way of understanding business throughout the curriculum. Don’t just know the right answers - ask the right questions. See opportunities where others do not, and harness analytical skills for empowered decision making, even with incomplete information. Become a valuable problem solver, focusing on results and multiplying the contributions of others through leadership and strong communication.

Our world-class Part-Time MBA faculty teach across all programs in the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. They are research leaders and active in the field, consulting with leading companies every day, and then bringing their cutting-edge and highly relevant expertise into the classroom for you. The lively Part-Time MBA class environment is enriched by fellow students who are as smart, motivated and engaged as you are. Dive into our curriculum with upwardly mobile professionals who bring significant experience and perspective from a variety of industries and functional areas to classroom discussion.

Core Curriculum

48 Total Credit Hours

core curriculum snapshot
Phase I Phase II Phase III
Foundational Core | 18 credits Professional Core | 15 credits Global Strategy & Electives | 15 credits

Financial Accounting

Operations Management Global Competitive Strategy
Organizational Behavior Finance Electives
Communication for Managers Managerial Accounting
Quantitative Methods Management Information Systems
Marketing National & Global Economies
Managerial Economics
Required Speaker Credits: 3 (during the course of the program)

Core Curriculum Course Descriptions


Part-Time MBA students choose 12 credit hours of electives across business disciplines, including analytics, communication, economics, finance, marketing, operations, international immersions, and more. We offer both 3 credit hours and 1.5 credit hour electives to give students the most flexibility in managing their time to degree. Global immersions are an exciting elective choice each year.