Milton Washington

Class of 2019

Hometown: Jackson, MS
Undergraduate University: Baylor University
Class Year: 2018
Major/Minor: Accounting
Current Employee: EY
Emphasis: Academic

What appealed to you about William & Mary's Master of Accounting (MAcc) program?

The Ph.D. emphasis was really what drove me to William & Mary. I want to expand the field of Accounting by doing research in Behavioral Accounting. Not only that, but I want to be an impact of change for students. Also, this program is helping me finish the 150 credit hours I need before I go back to Texas and sit for the CPA exam.

What excites you about Accounting Research?

The most interesting part of accounting, for me, is the psychology aspect and not just the numbers. I like talking with people and figuring out where those two spheres meet. One of my professors told me about the Ph.D. Project Conference, so I went and got a lot of insight and background knowledge about where Accounting Research is right now and where it might go in the future. The experience is encouraging, interesting, and confirmed that this was the track I want to be on.

What are your plans post-William & Mary?

Ideally, I'll end up in Texas with a Ph.D., teaching at a school where I can research and figure out where I can meet accounting with human behavior. In the short term, I'll sit for the CPA and work for EY in Dallas in their diversified staff group. I get to see all of their areas of tax, including indirect tax, which I am very interested in. Companies like EY have think tanks where they do a lot of research related to their industry, so hopefully, I can get involved with that and have a leg up on research because I want to do more of that later down the line.

What advice can you give prospective students applying to Master of Accounting programs?

One of the main pieces of advice I have is that no matter where the program is, talk with professors and talk with people there. I feel like that's a great indication of where you should be and where you should go, even if it's away from home. It can be hard being away from home, but at the end of the day, I knew I had people there who I could talk to about it and who would also help me succeed the best I can.



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