Zachary Kinchloe

Class of 2022 (Dual MBA/MSBA)

Hometown: Merced, CA
Undergraduate University: California State University - Stanislaus
Class Year: 2000
Major/Minor: Psychology
Current Employer: United States Coast Guard
Position: Lieutenant Commander

Why did you choose to attend William & Mary?

I was selected to attend graduate school as a sponsored student of the United States Coast Guard. This allowed me to pursue professional development, grow my skill set, and ultimately return to service. There were a number of Coast Guard men and women and other military service members who have been to William & Mary. They had such great experiences, and the word-of-mouth reputation preceded the school.

What has your experience been like in the dual MSBA/MBA program?

There is a very intentional flow between the two programs. The first year, I took the core MBA classes, which is structured really tight and is challenging. Then over the summer, I took nine elective units and the boot camps to prepare for the technical rigor of the MSBA program. The second year, I took the courses associated with the one-year MSBA program by themselves. All of the professors have been high-caliber; they really grow you, and the assignments are designed in their very nature to stretch you.

How will you apply what you've learned in the MSBA program to your work in the military?

The Coast Guard leverages data-driven decisions. Once I graduate, I will have a payback tour and will be working at the programmatic level at the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. As part of a team, I'll use business analytics to help manage a variety of organizational items.

How have you balanced academics with personal/family life?

It's a balancing act, and it helps encourage you to have good time management. My spouse and I have three young children. It has been wonderful to take time away from academics and take advantage of all of the nearby historical places that lay the foundation of our nation's history. It's been a wonderful experience, and when we look back, there will be great memories that we've made here at the formative time in our kids' lives growing up.



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