Sandra Bamfo

Class of 2022

Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Undergraduate University: University of Ghana
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor: Economics
Current Employer: Touton SA
Position: Finance Associate

Why do you feel an MSBA degree is important to achieve your professional goals?

I worked in the finance industry for about five years, and in my last role, I had the opportunity to segue into project management. I was exposed to original data, and I quickly discovered the power of data and how it can make organizations more efficient and help inform decisions. I believe it is important for analysts to have tools and techniques in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and database skills in SQL. I believe having these tools will allow me to work in Human Resources in any company, and that is my passion, along with improving the livelihoods of women in STEM coming from Ghana.

How did the program staff and faculty help you adjust to school and living in the United States?

There was a bit of a learning curve and culture shock in the beginning. I wasn't used to learning in this type of environment; my previous academic learning took place in a different context. But the program directors and staff and the faculty helped to ease the transition. They were all understanding of me, and I was able to settle in quite easily after a week or two.

How have the MSBA program and the Mason School supported your job search?

We have access to many resources and recruitment opportunities through the business school. The Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC) helped me prepare for recruitment. Tech Day was a highlight for me because I had an opportunity to speak to almost all of the companies that I was interested in, and I was able to open up conversations with the recruiters.

How would you describe the William & Mary MSBA program to a prospective student?

The program is intense but collaborative. You have a short amount of time to complete the models and assimilate the knowledge, but you will do it with a supportive teaching staff and in a team environment that ensures your success. You will build skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence, build business acumen through interactions with your peers, receive guidance in terms of your career goals and job search from the staff and Executive Partners, and learn integrity through William & Mary's honor code—which transcends into the working world. Williamsburg is also a safe place to study as an international student, and you will learn a lot about America's history.



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