Haajira Jumaye

Class of 2022

Hometown: Mahe, Seychelles Islands
Undergraduate University: University of Moncton, Canada
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Economics
Employer: Deloitte
Position: International Tax Consultant

Why did you pursue a MAcc degree?

I was working for a multinational company in Abu Dhabi in the airline industry. That opportunity introduced me to the corporate world and gave me exposure to finance and accounting. I started to develop an interest in accounting and furthering my qualifications through my studies in that field. I could see the real value of it when applied to my career.

Why William & Mary?

I am a Fulbright Scholar, and I thought William & Mary's one-year MAcc program was ideal to support a timely career transition to this field. It's an excellent school on an academic level, but there is equally a focus on student wellbeing. The school provides a challenging yet supportive space for learning, and a lot is done to ensure that the student experience is a positive one. I felt they cared whether I was making strides academically and professionally and that I was taking good care of myself physically and mentally. The faculty is brilliant and highly supportive of their students. They are all very accomplished and seasoned industry professionals with years of experience in academia. It was interesting as a newcomer to the field to also hear about their professional journey and experiences.

What career support did you receive from the Mason School and the MAcc program?

The Graduate Career Management Center provided a great deal of support in preparing for the recruitment process. The school organizes a lot of networking events, so I had a chance to meet and interact with senior professionals from the Big Four accounting firms and other companies in the industry. As an international student, I have to say the school has been extremely forthcoming to provide opportunities to network and grow professionally.

How do you plan to apply your degree in your professional career?

Long term, I want to apply my knowledge and professional U.S. experience to support my home country, as international tax matters are very important in Seychelles.

What excites you about the field of accounting?

It is so versatile, and it can take your career in many directions. Having worked in a corporate setting for a few years prior to the program, I can see the real value of understanding the intricacies of financial statements. There is great value in holding such skills, particularly for positions of responsibility.



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