Erik Zwicklbauer

Class of 2022

Hometown: Newport News, VA
Undergraduate University: William & Mary
Class Year: 2021
Major/Minor: Business Analytics/Marketing; Kinesiology
Current Employer: Celonis
Position: Associate Technology Consultant

What prompted you to stay at William & Mary for a fifth year and earn an MSBA?

When I started looking for employment with just an undergraduate business analytics degree, I realized that the types of jobs I was interested in applying to required more advanced technical skills and business acumen. The program advertises that it's a hands-on experience through which you get 1,000 hours in R and Python. To somebody who didn't have a background in either, that felt daunting at first, but it's been a rewarding process, especially as I've been able to apply what I've learned to the real-world work I'm doing in my internship with the University's Strength & Conditioning Department.

How have the faculty contributed to your experience in the program?

The professors I've had are some of the smartest people I've met in my entire life, and they genuinely care. The faculty are the differentiator between this program, and this institution, when compared to others out there. From how the material is presented to how they open up outlets outside of the classroom to talk about growth opportunities and job opportunities, they have industry knowledge that is invaluable. This experience has opened up a lot of interviews and opportunities for me. I think that's a credit to not only the institution itself but a lot of the teachers that make it a special place.

What excites you about the field of business analytics?

The fact that it hasn't reached its maximum potential yet. We haven't scratched the surface of what these algorithms can do. New technologies and industries are popping up every day. Analytics has crawled into every single industry, which will provide nonstop growth and, in turn, nonstop learning and opportunities to advance even further.

Would you recommend the William & Mary MSBA to others?

Absolutely. Even though I was an analytics undergrad, I know many other people in my program who did not come from an analytical background and have been extremely successful. It's a matter of if you want to put in the work. The school provides support for that through boot camps in the summer—you're really prepared for the first couple of courses. The small classes and faculty are invaluable as well.



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